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Meet the Kendall Administration and Staff.

Adam Alvarado

Computer Technician

Kyle Austin

Copywriter/Content Developer

Tanya Bakija

Part time Gallery Preparator

Camaron Barnett


Jack Bartholomew

General Service Technician

Leslie Bellavance

B.F.A., Temple University; M.F.A., University of Chicago

Amanda Berry

Admissions Counselor
M.F.A. in Printmaking, Kendall College of Art and Design

Elise Bohn

Reference & Instruction Librarian
M.S.I.S., University of Texas

Michele Bosak

Curator of Exhibitions
M.F.A., Northern Illinois University

Benjamin Boss

Content Management and Scholarly Communication Librarian

Mary Bradshaw

College Operations and Data Analyst
M.B.A., Ferris State University

Sandra Britton

Dean of Student Success
M.B.A., Grand Valley State University
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Marty Brockschmidt

Part-time Technology Services Technician

Amanda Carmer Rainey

Admissions Counselor
M.F.A. in Photography, Kendall College of Art and Design
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Sierra Casanova

Continuing Studies Coordinator

Brian Craig

Director, Master of Architecture Program
Master of Architecture

Lori DeForest

Financial Aid Officer
B.B.A., Davenport University

Nicole Dekraker

Director of Student Engagement
M.B.A., Ferris State University

David Du

Director of International Student Services

John Globoker

Director of Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Matthew Gubancsik M.F.A.

Coordinator of Photographic Services

Joseph Gust


Anna Halko

Administrative Assistant, Receptionist, Federal Building

Shana Hansma

Director of Admissions Services
M.B.A, Ferris State University
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Jonathan Hayes


Sarah Joseph

Director of Exhibitions
M.F.A., University of Oregon

David Jost


Mary Kolenda

Assistant to the Registrar
B.S., Ferris State University

Kenneth Krayer

Executive Director, Design West Michigan

Dennis Magoon

Lead Custodian

Maddie May

Printmaking Studio Technician

Robin Mellema

Accounts Payable Clerk
B.S., Davenport University

Denise Mondor-Gavern

Administrative Assistant, Dean’s Office

Kristen Morrison

Art Education Placement Officer
M.A., Rhode Island School of Design
Art Education

Mark Mulder

Supervisor of Shops
M.F.A., Texas Christian University

Jovonnah Nicholson

Ceramics Technician

Kara Peltier

Financial Aid Specialist
M.B.A., Ferris State University

Tom Post

Graduate Recruitment Specialist
M.F.A. in Painting, Kendall College of Art and Design
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Emily Renkert

Assistant to the Director of Student Engagement
B.S., Grand Valley State University

Kim Sapkowski

Administrative Assistant to the Dean
M.A., Western Michigan University

Jill Schneider

Assitant to the President, Director of Alumni Relations

Jessica Shelton

Part-time Metals/Jewelry Technician

Brenda Sipe

Director of Continuing Studies
Ed.D., Ferris State University

Carol Sloan

General Advising Counselor
M.Ed., M.A.

Alex Smart

Director of Facilities
B.Arch., Andrews University

Christian Stone

B.A., Grand Valley State University

Darcy Storms L.M.S.W.

Director of Counseling, Disability & Tutoring Services
L.M.S.W., University of Michigan

Sophia Thomas

FlexLab Lead Technician
M.F.A., Cranbrook Academy of Art

Elena Tislerics

Chief Communications Officer
B.F.A., Eastern Michigan University

Steven Vinson

Part-time Gallery Support Professional

Amy Vos Dillinger

Admissions Counselor
B.S. in Art History, Kendall College of Art and Design

Tim Warren


Adam Wetherell

Manager of KCAD Human Resources

Travis Wollman

Coordinator of Technology Services
A.S., Grand Rapids Community College

Charles Wright

Dean of Academic Affairs
M.F.A., Washington University

Yajuan (Jane) Zhang

International Student Advisor

Mandy Zweifel-Hughes

Administrative Assistant for Admissions Services