Portrait of a woman with short-cropped black hair with streaks of white in it wearing a black shirt and a long chainnecklace


Michele Bosak
Exhibitions Director

Michele is an accomplished art professional who is always working on a project, is energized by creatives, and loves problem-solving and creating meaningful connections. With an extensive background in curatorial practice and artistic advocacy, Michele serves as the Exhibitions Director for Kendall College of Art and Design (KCAD), where they have demonstrated over a decade of expertise in curating thought-provoking and accessible exhibitions. They boast an impressive track record of original shows, continuous project involvement, and an unwavering enthusiasm for collaborating with fellow creatives. In addition to providing Grand Rapids access to national and international contemporary art and design exhibitions, they also develop and support platforms for students to showcase their work, engage with visiting creatives, and learn about exhibition production.

Throughout their career, Michele has garnered experience in diverse settings, ranging from art-centered institutions to academic establishments, and nurtured collective authorship and civic responsibility. As an ardent arts advocate, Michele exhibits a keen interest in exploring the intersection of art, design, and technology, with a particular focus on highlighting marginalized genders and queer culture. Their dedication to empowering underrepresented voices and promoting inclusivity in the arts has become a cornerstone of their work. Notably, Michele is an accomplished artist with an interdisciplinary approach and considers collective authorship and civic responsibility throughout their practices. This extensive experience as a creative practitioner makes them well-versed in providing valuable guidance and management support to students and fellow artists throughout the creative process. Michele received their MFA in Sculpture & Drawing with an emphasis in Museum Studies at Northern Illinois University.