Photo portrait of a woman with curly brown hair wearing a bright read shirt and a golden necklace with a circular pendant


Elise Bohn
KCAD Library Director

Having a varied background in fine art, music, and performance, Elise pursued her undergraduate degree in Art History at the University of Houston with the goal of becoming an academic librarian in fine arts. Upon completing her Masters of Science in Information Studies at The University of Texas at Austin School of Information in 2004, Elise joined the KCAD Library staff in the role of Reference and Instruction Librarian.

In 2019, she stepped into the role of Library Director. In this role, Elise has oversight of a full-service academic library with an art & design focus, that provides diverse, inclusive and accessible library collections and resources for a diverse user community. Even though in an administrative position, Elise loves that she continues to work directly with students, providing research assistance and library instruction. She strives to create a library environment that is a comfortable and welcoming space for students, faculty and staff. Embracing a variety of responsibilities and seeking leadership opportunities, Elise participates on numerous KCAD committees and teams to support the college. She is also a member of several professional librarian organizations (ALA, ACRL, ARLIS/NA and MiALA ) to stay informed on academic library trends and best practices in librarianship.