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Strategic Plan

Into the Future: Creativity and Leadership

Kendall College of Art and Design
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts
Strategic Plan, 2017-2020

Focusing on Students
Enhancing Academic Excellence
Nurturing Collaboration

Kendall College of Art and Design's (KCAD'S) Mission

As a college within Ferris State University, Kendall College of Art and Design prepares students for leadership in the visual arts, design, art history, and art education; provides innovative, collaborative education that fosters intellectual growth and individual creativity; and promotes the ethical and civic responsibilities of artists and designers, locally and globally.


As an innovator in art and design education, KCAD will cultivate a student-centered learning community that fuels the regional economy with creative leaders and critical thinkers with global perspectives.



KCAD will focus on supporting the whole student through life-long learning, removing barriers to education, and increasing professional preparedness.

Diversity and Inclusion

KCAD values a diversity of people and beliefs, promoting an inclusive, welcoming, supportive, and open campus for all. Learn more about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at KCAD.

Academic Excellence

Through the combination of intensive classroom learning, faculty and staff development, real-world experience, and internal resources, KCAD strives to educate students who solve problems, think critically, and achieve their aspirations.


KCAD fosters strong connections both within the institution and in the external community to create a depth and breadth of opportunities for students.


KCAD understands the critical need for financial, social, and environmental sustainability.

Strategic Priorities

Strategic Priority: Diversity and Inclusion

KCAD will implement an active commitment to diversity and inclusion within the entire KCAD community. Learn more

Strategic Priority: Value of a KCAD Education

Enhance the value of the KCAD education and brand by promoting critical and cross-disciplinary thinking and practice, research, connections to professional fields, and opportunities for students. Learn more

Strategic Priority: Dynamic and Diverse Learning Environments

Create and capitalize on our dynamic and diverse learning environments and location that build KCAD’s identity as a leader in art and design education and incubate new ideas and practices. Learn more

Strategic Priority: KCAD’s Financial Position

Strengthen KCAD’s financial position to fulfill the school’s vision, and ensure its long-term sustainability. Learn more

Strategic Priority: Build a Community Culture

Build a culture of collaboration and trust internally, among our people and institutions, including Ferris State University, UICA, Design West Michigan, and the Wege Center for Sustainable Design, and externally to enhance the college’s leadership and value to students, alumni, our fields, the region, and beyond. Learn more