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Strategic Priority: Dynamic and Diverse Learning Environments

Strategic Priority: Dynamic and Diverse Learning Environments

Create and capitalize on our dynamic and diverse learning environments and location that build KCAD’s identity as a leader in art and design education and incubate new ideas and practices.

  • Objective 1: Complete and implement a Facilities Master Plan based on the Strategic Plan.
  • Objective 2: Develop a physical “learning commons” to encourage interdisciplinary opportunities.
  • Objective 3: Explore the possibility of affordable housing for students.
  • Objective 4: Strive to be a leader in art and design sustainable practice and safe studio practice.

In the past ten years KCAD has experienced significant growth in numbers of students, faculty and staff as well as significant additions to the campus, including the Woodbridge N. Ferris Building, renovations and reconfigurations to the Fountain Street building, as well as the addition of the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts and its new facility a 2 Fulton Street. The KCAD community seeks to move forward with a strategic approach to its campus and facilities that supports and enhances the campus, as it currently exists. For this purpose KCAD will engage in a Facilities Master Planning process guided by the mission, values and goals of this Strategic Plan.

An aspect of the Facilities Master Plan will be to seek opportunities to imagine and implement a learning commons that marries studio and research work into a space that brings together and provides easy access to library materials, labs, studios, and resource collections. The learning commons may have a central location as well as spokes or hubs throughout all three of the campus buildings. A part of the learning commons will be technological/digital access and smart classrooms. Spaces that encourage creativity and community across disciplines, programs, and institutions will be developed.

KCAD will continue to explore the possibility and potential of affordable student housing.

KCAD seeks to develop an enhanced support for creative computing to aid students, faculty, and staff in employing digital technologies into their creative and scholarly work.

KCAD seeks to continue and enhance its institutional commitment to sustainability as it impacts the environment by further developing sustainable studio practice and safe studio practice.