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Strategic Priority: Value of a KCAD Education

Strategic Priority: Value of a KCAD Education

Enhance the value of the KCAD education and brand by promoting critical and cross-disciplinary thinking and practice, research, connections to professional fields, and opportunities for students.

  • Objective 1: Creation of a conceptual and physical “learning commons” to develop interdisciplinary opportunities.
  • Objective 2: Promote research and scholarship as an integral aspect of curriculum and College culture in a way that encourages partnerships with institutions and industry.
  • Objective 3: Develop and enhance “high impact” learning experiences as a way to improve professional readiness and retention of students.
  • Objective 4: Develop a sustained and ongoing assessment of curricular programs and administrative functions.

KCAD seeks to enhance the value of a KCAD education through the creation of a learning commons that, both conceptually and physically, marries studio and research work into a space that brings together and provides easy access to library materials, labs, studios, and resource collections.

KCAD seeks to support research and development with industry by enhancing administrative support for extramural funding and grants, by creating opportunities for faculty, staff, and students to engage in applied research projects, by developing the institution’s capacity to manage intellectual property and copyright questions, to develop a “public scholar” model for faculty that applies art and design research and practices to challenges and opportunities in the local community and beyond, and to enhance entrepreneurial education across all programs.

The curriculum will be enhanced with high impact learning practices such as interdisciplinary and cross disciplinary approaches, enhancement of the first year experience, and more intense advising.

A vertical studio will be developed with curricular components that cross programs and majors to develop professional and leadership skills for all students.

KCAD seeks to develop a structured internship initiative to enable students to apply classroom and studio based learning in business, non-profit, and studio settings, thus enhancing their entrepreneurial skills ensuring their competitiveness as they move into the career phase of their life. An authentic assessment approach to all academic and instructional programs will be developed and implemented as a sustained practice to assess and improve student learning.