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Acceptance Packet

Congrats! Now what?

Now that you are accepted to KCAD, here are some important things to consider before the start of the semester.

  1. Log into MyFSU

  2. Familiarize yourself with this tool. You will use it a lot over the years for everything from email to paying your tuition.
    Make sure you start watching for announcements through this system too!

    Using MyFSU
    To find your ID and Password:
    1. Go to ferris.edu
    2. Click the MyFSU link near the upper right corner.
    3. Select "ID and Password Help"
    4. Follow the instructions under "ID and Password Help"
    5. Please notate your ID and Initial Computing Password.
    Having Problems with MyFSU? Call the Technology Assistance Center at (877) 779-4822.

  3. Is your Financial Aid in order?

  4. Please see Financial Aid for more information.

  5. Pay the $150.00 Tuition Deposit

  6. College policy requires a $150.00 tuition deposit to be paid before you register for classes. This deposit guarantees enrollment, is applied directly to your tuition, and is non-refundable. You can make a payment in cash, check, or by using E-Bill.
    Payments by check can be made out to KCAD and sent to: 17 Fountain St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49503

  7. Complete the Authorization to Disclose Information Form (enclosed in your packet) and return it to the KCAD Registrar's Office (17 Fountain building, 7th floor, Student Services).

    Please see FERPA for more information.

  8. Register for Classes

  9. For your first semester at KCAD, you are required to register for classes with the assistance of an Admissions Officer. There are many ways you can do this.

      In Person: Call Admissions at 1-800-676-2787 to schedule an appointment to meet with an Admissions Officer.
      By Phone: Call Admissions at 1-800-676-2787 and speak to an Admissions Officer over the phone.
      By Email: Email KCAD Admissions. In the subject line, write "Registration" and provide, in the body of the email, your full legal name, student ID number, the number of credits you wish to take (minimum full time=12), and any schedule limitations you may have.

  10. Secure Housing

  11. Please see Housing for more information.

  12. Satisfy the Laptop Requirement

  13. Please see Tech Requirements for more information.

  14. Attend Orientation

  15. Shortly after acceptance into KCAD, you will receive an invitation for the orientation session that is open to you. Orientation is a one-day event. It consists of several scheduled sessions (note: this is not an open house format). At orientation, you will hear from staff that offer services and resources necessary to your time at KCAD. You will also meet current students that have great advice about life at KCAD. KCAD offers orientation sessions before each of the fall, spring and summer (summer one only) semesters. Watch your mail for your Orientation Invitation!

  16. Review the FAQs

  17. We've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions and we encourage you to review the contents.