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Acceptance Packet: FAQ

What does it mean if I've been accepted on a Probationary Basis?

Probationary acceptance is a provisional admission granted to an entering student whose grade point average (GPA) in prior academic work falls near or below a 2.50 and has a lower than required standardized test score, but who otherwise shows promise as an art and design student. We are committed to your success at KCAD. As a student who has been granted probationary acceptance, you are subject to the Academic Probation Policy as stated in the College Catalog upon entry to the College. You may be required to meet regularly with an appointed advisor and/or counselor. Depending upon your individual circumstances, a reduced schedule of courses may be necessary. Probationary status is lifted when you attain a cumulative 2.0 GPA.

Where and when will I get my Student ID Card?

New students will request their ID cards at Orientation. Be ready to smile for the camera! Other students requiring ID cards can request one in the Activities and Resource Center (ARC), located on the seventh floor of the 17 Fountain building.

I don't go by my legal first name. Do I have options?

A KCAD student may choose to identify themselves by a preferred first name that differs from their legal name. Please see the Ferris website for details: Preferred First Name Policy.

If you wish to designate a preferred first name, you may submit the Preferred First Name request form which can be found in MyFSU on the Student tab under MyRecords.

What is the ARC? Where is it? What's in it for me?

Located on the 7th floor within the Student Services Office, the Activities and Resources Center is the place to find student activities and organizations, as well as academic, career, counseling, disability and health care resources.

This is the place to get involved with clubs and organizations, and take advantage of academic, career, counseling, disability and health care resources. Click here for more information.

How do I access KCAD's counseling, disability, and tutoring services?

Resources are available for counseling, disability, and tutoring services through the ARC. For detailed information, click here.

Is there a resource for Health Insurance?

For the most current information on health insurance options, please visit the website or contact the ARC.

What art supplies do I need to buy?

We recommend you wait to buy supplies until you have received your syllabi from each of your courses. The syllabi will outline the materials you will need in that course. By waiting for this information you will be sure to only be purchasing what you need.

What books do I need to buy?

Using a tool on the Ferris Online Bookstore, you are able to use your class schedule to look up the book requirements for your entire schedule. To do so, be prepared with a copy of your schedule and follow these instructions:
1. Go to the Ferris bookstore website.
2. Click on Textbooks
3. Create your Customized Textbook List by searching for each of your classes
4. Continue to add classes until you have searched for each class
5. Click 'View Textbook List" to view a complete list of text books (including ISBNs) needed by course.

How much will they cost?

Books and supplies are expected to cost the average student about $840 per academic year, based on one academic year (two semesters), 15 credits per semester. Students may be eligible to receive a Book Advance.

What is a Book Advance and how do I get one?

A book advance of up to $400.00 is granted to students who are enrolled for at least half time, have a direct deposit account for student refunds, and have a credit balance pending with the University 10 days before the semester begins. This early financial aid refund can be used to purchase books at a bookstore of your choice. Please keep in mind that it will take up to 4-5 days to be deposited into your bank account.

How do I set up direct deposit?

Information on setting up direct deposit can be found in the Financial Aid section of this packet. Ensure that you have your direct deposit account for student refunds set up 10 days before the semester begins.

How will I see this on my student account?

On the student account a charge will show as “Financial Aid Book Advance.” This amount is an early advance from your financial aid refund. The remainder of your refund will be processed after semester begins providing all financial aid requirements have been satisfied. If additional charges are added to the student account or financial aid decreases, a balance could be owed back to the University for the advance and the additional charges.

What if I don't want a book advance?

At this time there is not an option to elect out of the book advance. If a student meets the criteria listed above then a book advance will be processed.

How will I be notified?

An e-mail notification will be sent to the student’s Gmail account to notify you that the advance has been posted to your student account. It will include the specific amount of the deposit. Please keep in mind that it will take up to 4-5 days to be deposited into your bank account.


Students will be notified about parking options approximately two weeks prior to the start of each semester via their MyFSU account. Parking will be available on a first come, first served basis. More detailed information on parking options can be found here.

Student Employment Opportunities

On-campus employment opportunities are posted as an announcement within the MyFSU system at the start of each semester. Off-campus employment opportunities can be accessed using the CareerLink resource.

Where can I find important dates?

The Official Academic Calendar
A list of all KCAD events
Important Academic calendar events
To make sure you don't miss any important dates, you can subscribe to any number of KCAD calendars, including the Academic calendar, or subscribe to all events, using the links on the left hand side of the page. Be sure to pay particular attention to tuition, drop/add, and of course, holiday dates.

What is the Student Commons

A common area for collaboration, student gatherings, and student work displays.