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Acceptance Packet: Financial Aid

For each upcoming academic year, the FAFSA form should be completed as soon as possible after October 1st.

KCAD is concerned about the average loan debt of our students. For many students, educational loans are necessary to finance their education. We are dedicated to providing students and parents with tools and information that can help them to minimize student loan debt and to borrow wisely when loans are the only option. Click here for more information on this.

For additional information on scholarships visit the scholarships page.

What are my Financial Aid resources within MyFSU?

Within MyFSU you can accept Financial Aid awards; view/complete student requirements; find Financial Aid Loan Resources and Links; Setup/change Direct Deposit information; and view your account summary

Accept Financial Aid Award

1. Log into MyFSU
2. Click on the Student tab
3. Click on Financial Aid
4. Click on the Award Offer link
5. Select Aid Year and click Submit
6. Click on the Terms and Conditions tab
7. Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. This will then make the Accept Award Offer tab active.
8. Click on the Accept Award Offer tab. Use the drop down box by each individual award to either accept or decline
9. Click on Submit Decision.

View/Complete Student Requirements

1. Log into MyFSU
2. Click on the Student tab
3. Click on the Financial Aid Quick Link
4. Click on the Missing Requirement link

Financial Aid Loan Resources and Links

Apply for Alternative Loans, Complete Entrance or Exit Counseling, Complete Promissory Notes
1. www.kcad.edu
2. Click on Financial Aid
3. Click on Loan Programs

The KCAD website also contains a Financial Aid section, including an extensive and frequently updated list of available scholarships and other resources. Please see here.

Direct Deposit – Set Up/Change

Must be completed at least 72 hours prior to the disbursement of funds. Your name must appear on the bank account used for direct deposit. Otherwise, your direct deposit may be rejected by the bank.

1. Log into MyFSU
2. Click on the Student tab
3. Under the Student Quick Links area, click on Financial Aid
4. Under the Financial Aid Refunds section, click on Sign Up for Direct Deposit
5. Click Start action
6. Enter your 9 digit Bank Routing Number
7. Enter your Bank Account Number
8. Click Checking or Savings
9. Click on SUBMIT
10. Click on I AGREE
11. Screen should read: Your Direct Deposit information has been changed

View Account Summary

1. Log into MyFSU
2. Click on the Student tab
3. Click on the MyAccount link
4. Click on the E-Bill link

Having Problems with MyFSU?

Call the Technology Assistance Center at (877) 779-4822.