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Acceptance Packet: Housing

Home Sweet Home

While we don't have traditional residence halls, there are a lot of housing options within walking distance of our campus. You will find information on housing resources and the private Facebook Housing Group on the website here.

Getting an Apartment? Things to Keep in Mind

1. Rent and Amenities: Find out what is included with the rent. Will you be charged extra for parking? Are laundry facilities located on-site?
2. Leases: Read the fine print and make sure everything you agree to be in writing. If you have roommates, make sure they also sign the lease.
3. Security Deposit: Know what you need to do to get your deposit back.
4. Utilities: Does your rent include heat and water? What about electricity and gas? Trash removal? Ask that leasing agency or landowner what these typically cost each month if they are not included in your rent.
5. Food: Try to budget your shopping lists and develop your cooking skills. Pre-packaged foods and eating out can be very expensive.
6. Renter’s Insurance: Renter’s insurance covers the cost of your possessions if disaster strikes. The $100 to $250 you spend annually will be worth it.
7. Transportation: Be sure to factor in expenses for your car and/or public transportation. KCAD students currently receive city bus rides for free (only incurring a small one-time fee when the card is issued – for $3.00). Look for an apartment close to a bus route and you'll save on transportation costs!
8. Storage: Is there extra space in the complex or house that you can have access to for storage? Are there common areas in the building?
9. Pets: Can you have them? What types of pets? Are there special arrangements with rent and/or the security deposit that need to be made? "