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How to Apply - Undergraduate

Follow these steps to apply.

Note: The Admissions Team is working remotely as the building is closed related to the global pandemic.
Whenever possible, email us at [email protected] or schedule a virtual appointment. We are available for you.

Self-Reporting Transcripts and/or Test Scores – We realize that many schools are closed in response to the current global pandemic. If you are unable to request your official transcripts or test scores in a timely manner, we encourage you to self-report or submit unofficial transcripts using this link. If you are admitted and decide to enroll at KCAD you will still need to have official documents sent at a later date. Self-reporting will prevent your admissions decision from being held up by the current situation. Reach out to us if you have questions about self-reporting.

  1. Complete the Free Online Application

    Click here to apply. You'll need to create a login and password.

  2. Write a Statement of Purpose.

    Copy and paste the questions into a new document and write a 1-2 paragraph response for each one. Note that if you have applied as "Test Optional" (see #5 below), your Statement of Purpose will hold a higher weight in the review of your application.

  3. Submit Your Portfolio

    The majority of KCAD programs require a portfolio review (except for those entering Art History with an Academic Focus).

  4. Submit Your Official Transcripts

    If this is your first time at a college:
    -Ask your high school to send your official transcripts to KCAD
    -You’ll need to have at least a 2.5 GPA or a GED
    -Students with a lower GPA are still encouraged to apply
    -Medical Illustration students need a 3.20 GPA or better
    -If you’ve taken Dual Enrollment classes send those transcripts as well

    If you’ve previously attended a college:
    -Ask your college send your official transcripts to KCAD
    -Ask your high school send your official transcripts to KCAD (unless you’ve completed an Associates degree or higher).

  5. Submit Your Test Scores

    -Have the ACT or SAT send your test scores to KCAD (unless they’re already on your high school transcripts).
    -You’ll need to have an ACT Composite score of 17 or an SAT Combined Score of 900
    -Medical Illustration students need an ACT of 22 or an SAT critical reading score of 530 and a math score of 510.

    When taking the test you can use the Ferris/Kendall college code to send your scores to us (1983 for the ACT and 1376 for the SAT).

    Test-Optional Admission Consideration Pilot Program
    Under this program, you may opt to be considered for admission without test scores.

    KCAD recognizes that research often suggests that standardized testing provides an incomplete picture of some students' ability to succeed in college.

    If you've already submitted your application and would like to be in the Test-Optional Admission Consideration Pilot Program, please email us to discuss the option.

  6. Submit your application materials to:

    Note: The Admissions Team is working remotely as the building is closed related to Coronavirus precautions. Whenever possible, email us at [email protected].

    Admissions Office
    Kendall College of Art and Design
    17 Fountain Street NW
    Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3002

Technology Requirements

Required laptop specifications, software packages, and other peripherals will vary by program and will be significantly discounted.