Submit ACT/SAT

Send us your scores.

Students applying (except international and some transfer students) need to have their ACT or SAT scores sent as part of the application process.Test scores are considered official if they are included on an Official High School transcript that was mailed to us directly from your high school or if they were sent to us directly from ACT or SAT. Please note that faxed scores are not accepted as official.

What are the ACT and SAT?

The ACT and SAT are national college admission exams that test your skills and knowledge in English, mathematics, reading, and science. To be considered for admission to Kendall, you must take one of these tests. Most people take them during their sophomore or junior year of high school, but you can take them whenever you want. And, if you're not satisfied with your score, you can take the test over again until you are.

Sending the scores to Kendall

If you haven't yet taken the ACT or SAT test, you can have your scores sent directly to Kendall by writing our school code on your test form.

  • Our ACT code is 1983.
  • Our SAT code is 1376.

If you've already taken the ACT or SAT, check your high school transcripts for your score. If it's listed there, you don't need to submit your scores separately. If not, contact the ACT or SAT offices to request that your results be sent to Kendall.

Do I need to send KCAD my ACT or SAT Scores?

You need to send in your ACT or SAT scores if you do not meet one of the below conditions:

  • You've been out of high school for more than 3 years and will be a first time college student
  • You have taken and earned a C or better in a college English & Algebra course
  • You have completed 60 or more college credits
  • You have an associate's degree or higher
  • You are an international student

Test-Optional Admission Consideration Pilot Program

Under this program, you may opt to be considered for admission without test scores.

KCAD recognizes that research often suggests that standardized testing provides an incomplete picture of some students' ability to succeed in college.

If you've already submitted your application and would like to be in the Test-Optional Admission Consideration Pilot Program, please email us to discuss the option.