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Coming back to Kendall.

Some students leave Kendall and decide to come back later. If you’re a returning student, we’ve made things easy for you. Just file an admissions application form. No application fee is required.

Here are some things you should know:

  • If you’re applying for re-admission, you must meet the same academic requirements expected of any new applicant.
  • If you withdrew from Kendall or took a semester or more off (not including the summer semester), you must meet the curriculum requirements that are current at the time of your re-enrollment, not those of your original enrollment.
  • If you attended another college or university in the interim, we base your re-admittance on your academic standing there, as well as at Kendall.
  • If you attended another college or university since leaving Kendall, you must submit an official transcript from that institution along with your readmission application.
  • If you were suspended or dismissed from Kendall, or if disciplinary proceedings are pending, your admission is subject to the criteria and standards of the program in which you’re seeking admission.