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Transfer students come to KCAD from all over and bring invaluable perspective, experience, and energy to our campus and our community. If you're looking to change your direction toward a life of creativity, we're here to help make your transition as smooth as possible!

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Discover Your Path - Transfer Credits

First things first: let's figure out how to make the most of the college and/or AP credit you've already earned! Our Admissions team will work with you to identify the program you're interested in transferring into and how your existing credits can fit into your new program plan. 



Financial Aid

Financial aid doesn't automatically transfer from one school to another. So, with a new direction for your education comes the need to review your approach to funding. There are three important things to keep in mind if you are accepted to KCAD as a transfer student:

You will need to apply for financial aid through KCAD

Once your application has been accepted, please add the KCAD/Ferris federal school code number, 002260, to your processed FAFSA form. You can make changes to your FAFSA form by logging in to

Be sure to notify your former school that you've transferred

Contact the financial aid office at your former school and let them know about your transfer so that they can cancel your aid.

KCAD offers scholarship opportunities for transfer students

Visit our Scholarships page for details.


How to Apply - Transfer Students

KCAD reviews applications on a rolling basis, which means we don’t have an application deadline. As a transfer student, you apply using the same undergraduate application process as any first-year student.


1. Complete the online application

Apply online through our application portal. You'll need to create a login and password.

2. Submit your portfolio

Our portfolio requirement* isn't about proving you belong at KCAD—it's your opportunity to show us where your strengths and interests lie so we help you reach your fullest potential.


We offer flexible submission options to meet you were you are:


You'll bring your portfolio materials with you to KCAD for a face-to-face conversation with an Admissions counselor prior to receiving an official decision on your acceptance—no need to submit your materials online. 


You'll receive feedback from an Admissions counselor in a virtual meeting prior to receiving an official decision on your acceptance.


You'll receive feedback from an Admissions counselor via email prior to receiving an official decision on your acceptance

*Transfer applicants to the Art History program's Academic Track are NOT required to submit a portfolio.

3. Have your official transcripts* sent to KCAD


  • Ask your college to send your OFFICIAL transcripts to KCAD
  • Ask your high school to send your official transcripts to KCAD (unless you’ve completed an Associates degree or higher).
  • You’ll need to have at least a 2.5 GPA or a GED (Life Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration applicants need a 3.20 GPA or better)
  • Students with a lower GPA are still encouraged to apply
  • If you’ve taken Dual Enrollment classes, please have those transcripts sent to us as well

Have transcripts sent to:

Admissions Office
Kendall College of Art and Design
17 Fountain Street NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3002

Submitting transcripts via Parchment? Be sure to search for "Ferris State University/Kendall College of Art and Design" when selecting the institution to send your transcripts to.

*If you are unable to request your official transcripts in a timely manner, we encourage you to self-submit your unofficial transcripts.

4. Have your ACT or SAT results sent to us (for scholarship consideration)

Ferris State University is piloting a Test-Optional Admissions Consideration Program. This means that ACT/SAT test scores are NOT currently required for admissions consideration to KCAD. However, some Woodbridge N Ferris Scholarship levels may require test scores be submitted to be awarded at certain levels.

If you are submitting ACT or SAT results:

Have the ACT or SAT send your test results to KCAD* (unless they’re already on your high school transcripts) at the address below.

Admissions Office
Kendall College of Art and Design
17 Fountain Street NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-3002

Or, when taking these tests, you can use the following Ferris/KCAD college codes to have your scores sent to us automatically (1983 for the ACT and 1376 for the SAT).

If you are NOT submitting ACT or SAT results:

Be sure to indicate your intent on the following section of the application form. 

*If you are unable to have your ACT or SAT results sent to KCAD (for scholarship consideration) in a timely manner, we encourage you to self-submit your test scores .If you are admitted and decide to enroll at KCAD, you will still need to have official documents sent at a later date.

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Email: [email protected]

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