Life Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration Consortium Processes

Get information on registration, financial aid, and paying for tuition at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) or Michigan State University (MSU).


GRCC and/or MSU Consortium Process: Step-By-Step

1. Complete the Required Forms

NOTE: The only classes that may be included in the consortium for financial aid purposes are those that are required for your program in Life Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration. See below for a listing:


B. For MSU

All students enrolled in the Life Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration program at KCAD will need to apply for admittance to MSU as a Lifelong Education student, either at the undergraduate or graduate level.



2. Register for Approved Courses

NOTE: You will need to register for classes at KCAD and GRCC or MSU. Make sure that you have all the prerequisites completed before enrolling in classes

Life Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration GRCC Consortium Approved Courses

  • BI 101, (General Biology)
  • BI 151 (Intro to Cells, Molecules, and Genes)
  • BI 240 (Pathophysiology)
  • CHM 100 (Basic Chemistry)
  • GH 110 (Medical Terminology I)
  • GH 111 (Medical Terminology II)

Life Sciences and Pre-Medical Illustration MSU Consortium Approved Courses

  • MSU ANTR 211 (Into to Cells and Tissue)
  • MSU ANTR 350 (Human Gross Anatomy)
  • MSU ANTR 355 (Human Gross Anatomy Lab)
  • MSU ANTR 485 (Dir Study Human Prosection)

3. Complete the Consortium Form for KCAD

This can also be found at the KCAD Student Services Office. Schedules for GRCC or MSU must be included. Once completed, please return to the KCAD Academic Records Office every semester as soon as you are able to register for your off‐campus classes for the specific semester you are looking to receive financial aid. This form is required each semester before aid can be disbursed. Email an encrypted copy of the form along with your GRCC or MSU schedule to [email protected].

If you are only taking KCAD or FSU classes, the consortium form is not required.



NOTE: You will be billed for GRCC or MSU classes according to that institution's billing processes and residency requirement tuition rates.

Payment for the off‐campus classes is your sole responsibility and must be paid according to that institution’s tuition payment options. KCAD does not directly pay any charges to GRCC or MSU. KCAD’s refund date will be after your tuition payment is due at GRCC or MSU, so please plan your finances accordingly. Your class schedule may be cancelled for non‐payment.

GRCC Residency Requirements

  • Resident Status – A student who has been a resident of the Kent Intermediate School District for at least six consecutive months.
  • Non‐Resident Status – A student who has been a resident of the state of Michigan for at least six consecutive months but does not meet the definition of Resident Status.
  • Out‐of‐State Status – A student who does not meet the definition of Resident or Non‐Resident Status.

For more information, please visit the GRCC residency information page.

MSU residency requirements

NOTE: Students are charged the Undergraduate Life Long Learning rate.
  • In‐State Resident Status – Student’s permanent residence must be in the state of Michigan for one year prior to the first date of the semester. If you are considered a dependent student, your permanent residence is considered your parent’s address.
  • Out‐of‐State Resident and International Status – anyone else who doesn’t meet the In‐ State Resident Status.

For more information, please visit the MSU tuition and fees page.

Financial Aid and Student Refunds

The eligible classes that you take at GRCC or MSU may be counted towards your enrollment at KCAD for financial aid purposes. You must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credits to be considered a full‐time student and a minimum of 6 credits to be considered a half‐time student. Normally, financial aid is only available to students who are enrolled at least half‐time, although there may be private alternative loans available to students who are enrolled for 3 credits.

If taking the classes during the summer, please be aware that summer financial aid is very limited. Typically, only unused portions of Pell Grant or Federal Student Loans for that academic year will be available to use. If you already have been awarded a KCAD or FSU scholarship, they may only be used if you are enrolled full‐time and do a written or emailed request to the KCAD financial aid office at [email protected].

Please note that if you were awarded the FSU Founder’s Scholarship prior to the 2021-2022 academic year, the amount will only be based on your KCAD tuition credits and you must be enrolled full-time.

No financial aid refunds will be available to students until GRCC or MSU enrollment is verified and their 100% refund date is over. Typically the consortium student financial aid refund date will be approximately 2 weeks after the published KCAD refund date.


You may not charge your off‐campus books/supplies to your Ferris tuition bill.


You are responsible for requesting “official” transcripts be mailed back to KCAD for transfer credit. Each semester, please request the transcript after courses have been completed.