ScholarshipUniverse portal open now

Starting February 1, 2024, both newly admitted and continuing KCAD students* can access over 10,000 scholarship opportunities in one place using Ferris State University's ScholarshipUniverse system, which employs personalized matching to identify which scholarships students qualify for, and in some cases, apply for scholarships automatically on their behalf.

Federal Student Aid has announced that they are delaying the release of 2024-25 FAFSA information to all colleges and universities until “the first half of March”. Because a large number of scholarships internal to Ferris and KCAD are need-based—meaning FAFSA data is needed to determine student eligibility—we are going to launch ScholarshipUniverse in two phases:

Phase 1

Starting February 1, students can access over 10,000 reputable external scholarships—not awarded by Ferris State University or KCAD—through ScholarshipUniverse. 

Phase 2

At a later date (to be determined), an additional pool of donor-based scholarships—available exclusively to KCAD and Ferris State students—will be made accessible through ScholarshipUniverse. 

*Are you a prospective student or family member of a prospective student looking to learn about available scholarship opportunities? See more information below.


How to use ScholarshipUniverse

1. Log in to the portal

You can access ScholarshipUniverse through Ferris360, or by using the direct link below. If using the direct link, you may need to enter your Ferris360 login credentials.

Once logged in, read and accept the privacy policy and confirm your email address and, if desired, your phone number to receive text updates. 

Scholarship Universe

2. Complete your profile

ScholarshipUniverse will ask you a series of questions designed to determine your eligibility for the various scholarships available in the portal.

Be sure to read and answer these questions carefully to get the most accurate matching results possible! 

3. Review your results and apply

After you've completed your profile, the upper right-hand corner of the ScholarshipUniverse interface will display the number of scholarships you're eligible for.

Click on the box to see a detailed list of eligible scholarships. Click the "View" button next to each scholarship for complete details, and click the "Apply" button to apply*.

*For external scholarships, you'll be directed outside of the ScholarshipUniverse portal to apply. 


Scholarship information for prospective students and families

Our students receive scholarships from Ferris State University, KCAD, and a variety of donor-supported and private sources. Explore the information below to get a sense for the scholarship opportunities available to you as a KCAD student. 


Other scholarship resources

To further assist you in your search for scholarship funding, we've collected some scholarship application and essay writing tips as well as links to reputable external scholarship search engines.

Other scholarship RESOURCES