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Donor Supported Scholarships

KCAD students may apply for a Donor Supported Scholarship.

Below is a comprehensive list of KCAD donor supported scholarships currently available to students.

Applications for the 2020-2021 academic year will open on December 2, 2019, with a deadline date of February 15, 2020, and award determinations will be made in the Spring of 2020. Summer Study Away scholarship applications will open on March 23, 2020. If a scholarship listed below is not included in the list on the SlideRoom application portal, the scholarship is not currently available for applications. When additional scholarships become available, students will be notified via your Ferris email.

Click the links below to review scholarship eligibility and apply.

Allesee Metals/Jewelry Endowed Scholarship (Metals & Jewelry Design)

The Berkowitz and Easley Scholarship Endowment for Students with Disabilities (All Graduate and Undergraduate Majors)

Brian Rizzi Endowed Scholarship (Metals & Jewelry Design)

Bruce E. Mulder Furniture Design Scholarship Endowment (Furniture Design)

Conduit Study Away Annual Scholarship (Undergraduate Study Away)

Dirk Hoffius Scholarship Endowment (All Undergraduate Majors)

Dr. Stanford Stoddard Family Scholarship (All Undergraduate Majors)

Friends of the Michigan State Fair Endowed Scholarship (All Undergraduate Majors)

Grand Rapids Furniture Designers Endowed Scholarship (Furniture Design)

Industrial Design Endowed Scholarship (Industrial Design)

Jan G. Vonk Endowed Scholarship (Graphic Design)

The Joe Withers Endowed Award (Furniture, Industrial and Interior Design)

The Joe Withers Endowed Scholarship (Furniture, Industrial and Interior Design)

J.R. Newton Scholarship Endowment (Industrial Design)

KCAD General Scholarship Endowment (All Graduate and Undergraduate Majors)

KCAD MArch Formation Scholarship Endowment (MArch)

Krayer Design Scholarship Endowment (Collaborative, Furniture, Industrial and Interior Design)

Mardell R. Grant Memorial Scholarship Endowment (All Graduate and Undergraduate Majors)

The Mathias Alten Legacy Endowed Award (All Undergraduate Majors)

Michelle Anne Bellavance Scholarship Endowment (All Undergraduate Majors)

Nancy Oakes-Hall Memorial Fine Arts Scholarship Endowment (All Graduate and Undergraduate Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Photography and Sculpture and Functional Art Majors)

Oliver H. Evans Endowed Award (Undergraduate Study Away)

Preuss-Britton High School Dual Enrollment Scholarship Endowment (Dual Enrollment Participants)

Robert Bergelin Endowed Scholarship (All Undergraduate Majors)

Robert James Campbell Memorial Scholarship Endowment (Furniture, Industrial, and Interior Design)

Suzanne Pilat Eberle Scholarship Endowment (Art History and Fashion Studies)

T.J. Amick Memorial Scholarship Endowment (Furniture Design)

Tim Roberts Endowed Scholarship (Furniture Design)

Trent Eekhoff Memorial Scholarship Endowment (Industrial Design)

The TowerPinkster Interior Design Endowed Scholarship (Interior Design)

VanSteenberg Endowed Scholarship (All Graduate and Undergraduate Majors)

WHAT KCAD Annual Scholarship (Undergraduate Art Education)