State Programs

Assistance for Michigan residents.

The State of Michigan offers programs designed to provide students, who are Michigan residents, with the means to meet their educational costs. To be considered for these programs, a student must submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). It is important to note that funding for these programs may be limited, therefore, we recommend that you file the FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1 for the upcoming academic year.

  • Michigan Achievement Scholarship - Available to students who graduate from high school in Michigan with a diploma or certificate of completion or achieved a high school equivalency certificate in 2023 or after, and is renewable for up to five consecutive years. Transfer students may qualify if they meet the eligibility criteria. For more information and a list of FAQ's, please visit
  • Michigan Competitive Scholarship - Available to undergraduate students pursuing their first degree and is based on both financial need and merit. 
  • Tuition Incentive Program - TIP eligible students using Phase I funding for an Associate's Degree will be capped at the FSU tuition rate.  FSU tuition rates
  • Children of Veterans Tuition Grant - The Children of Veterans Tuition Grant provides undergraduate tuition assistance to students older than 16 and less than 26 years of age who are the natural or adopted child of a Michigan veteran. The veteran must have died or became totally and permanently disabled as a result of military service.
  • Fostering Futures Scholarship - The Fostering Futures Scholarship provides scholarships to students who have experienced foster care in Michigan on or after age 13.  Students must also demonstrate financial need to qualify.
  • Police Officer's and Fire Fighter's Survivor Tuition Grant - The Police Officer’s and Fire Fighter’s Survivor Tuition Act provides for the waiver of tuition at a Michigan community college or public university for children and surviving spouses of Michigan police officers and fire fighters killed in the line of duty.