Summer Financial Aid

Summer Financial Aid

To be considered for Summer financial aid, students must register at least half-time for Summer classes and have a valid FAFSA on file. You may combine credits for the Summer 1 and Summer 2 mini-semesters. For example, 3 credits in Summer 1 + 3 credits in Summer 2 = half-time enrollment, which is the same as for any other semester. For undergraduate students, half-time is six credit hours. For graduate level students, half-time is five credit hours.

The Financial Aid Office will review each student’s eligibility for aid and email each student either a notification of an award or a message explaining that they are not eligible for aid. Summer awarding typically begins the first week of April. Because Summer awarding is a manual process, if after April 1 please allow 2-3 weeks from the date you enroll in at least six credit hours for an award notification.

Pell Grant recipients who attend school full-time in the Fall AND Spring semesters may have Pell Grant eligibility for Summer if they attend at least half-time during the summer. Pell Grant recipients who do not attend full-time in either the Fall OR Spring semester may have limited Pell Grant eligibility left over for the summer at less than half-time enrollment.

Students who use their full Federal student loan eligibility in the Fall and Spring semesters will not have any Federal student loan eligibility for summer. Exceptions would be for those students who change grade levels from freshman to sophomore, or sophomore to junior status.

If you plan to attend classes during a Summer semester, it is recommended that you plan your finances well in advance. Funding for Summer is extremely limited and many students must rely on alternative loan options to attend Summer classes.