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2023-2024 Tuition Rates

Paperless Billing

Ferris State University provides the billing statements electronically to students and their authorized users. The first electronic billing notification is sent about a month before the semester begins to the FSU student email address and to the authorized user email address on file. Any subsequent billing statements throughout the semester are sent electronically monthly.

Students need to set up authorized user access in E-bill before those that would need access to the billing statement, such as parents, can be notified. Students may add authorized users to their account under the E-Bill link in their Ferris360 portal by clicking on "Authorized Users" under My Profile Setup. Students will need to enter a valid email address for their authorized user.

This authorized user access would allow others to receive monthly emails regarding your student tuition bill, see the detailed statement, and pay online using a checking or savings account or credit card. The student bill can include charges such as tuition, books, parking permits, software charges, and library fines.

Students may also have an email sent to a secondary address such as a personal email address, as well as opt into receiving a text message. To enroll, while in E-Bill, select "Personal Profile".

Students who have sufficient financial aid to cover their semester charges do not need to make a payment or enroll in a payment plan. Students who do not have sufficient financial aid to cover their semester charges need to select a payment plan and make their first installment or pay their balance in full by the first installment date to avoid having their class schedules dropped. The table below provides general information on each payment plan available:

Payment Plans

Notes on Payment Plans:

  • A $30 charge will be added to the students' account for enrollment in any of the above payment plans and also for switching payment plans.
  • Accounts are subject to a 2% late fee for each missed payment.
  • Payments may adjust as additional charges/credits are added.
  • Classes are subject to being dropped if payment is not submitted on time.
  • Late enrollment will require payment(s) of any past due installments.

If you have decided that you will not be attending KCAD this semester, you will need to contact our Academic Records office immediately at [email protected] to have your schedule removed.


How to enroll in a payment plan:

  • Your first E-Bill must have been emailed to you
  • Log into your Ferris360 portal and search for Ebill
  • Open the E-Bill
  • Click on Enroll in Payment Plan button
  • Select the Term
  • Select the Payment Plan that you wish to enroll in
  • View details of the selected plan, click continue
  • View account charges and credits included in the payment plan, click Display Payment Schedule
  • View payment amount and due dates, you may choose to include a downpayment at this step, and re-calculate payment plan installment amounts. You may also choose to set up Automatic Payments at this step, click continue
  • When setting up Automatic Payments, click the Yes button and click continue. A message will pop up to notify you that you will not be able to pay with a credit card (automatic payments are with e-check only), click ok then click continue. Select your payment method from the drop down (e-check only), click Select. Enter your bank account and billing information. Save payment method, click Continue. Automatic Payment amounts will automatically adjust to the charges on your account.
  • If Automatic Payments are not set up, you are responsible for submitting each payment on time. If payments are not made on time a 2% late fee will be added.
  • View payment plan agreement and check the "I agree" box, click continue.

Following the above steps will enroll the student in a payment plan. You will receive an e-mail from E-bill when you have enrolled and also for any changes through the process. You will also receive a reminder e-mail when a payment due date is approaching.


Students who have their schedule dropped due to non-payment/insufficient financial aid

  • FSU Business Operations will place a registration hold on students who have had their classes dropped for non-payment.
  • Students will be notified via their Ferris email if their class schedule has been dropped.
  • Students should contact the KCAD Tuition Office at 616.259.1112 to have their registration hold lifted.
  • Dropped students who are rescheduling during drop/add will need to have sufficient financial aid to cover their balance or select a payment plan and pay the required amount due for the first installment (after financial aid), or pay their balance in full to prevent their schedule from being dropped again. Past due balances must be paid in full.