Class Withdrawal: Financial Aid and Tuition FAQs


Student Responsibilities

It is the student's responsibility to process a withdrawal form if you withdraw from the University on or after the 1st day of class. 

Not attending a class does not automatically drop your class. If you stop attending class(es) and do not officially withdraw, a grade of "F" may be recorded in those class(es) and the student will remain responsible for full tuition and fees. 

Individual Class Withdrawal

If you are in a position where you do not believe you will pass one or more of your classes, you may be thinking of withdrawing from a class(es) instead of it affecting your GPA with a failing grade. If you withdraw from a class, it will not apply towards your degree. If the class is required for your degree, you will be charged again to take it a second time. There are many things to consider before making the decision to withdraw from a class. 

Total Withdrawal

A total withdrawal is defined as formally ceasing attendance in all active courses that would end enrollment within a semester earlier than previously scheduled. This includes part-of-term courses that do not span the length of time of the entire semester.