Guest Students

We may call you "guest students," but we treat you like family!

Some people want to take a few courses at Kendall without seeking a degree. Guest students can take up to nine credits before they have to apply as degree-seeking students. Please note, students seeking graduate level courses are ineligible to apply as a guest student.

How to apply

The process is simple:

  1. Fill out and submit a KCAD Undergraduate application form, and in the program section, please check the box for "guest student." You can find the application here.
  2. If you have attended a college(s) previously, you may be required to submit official transcripts from all college(s) previously attended.


A few things to consider

Some courses have prerequisites, so you may need departmental consent to take certain courses at KCAD as a guest student.

If you're currently attending another accredited college or university in Michigan, you may be eligible to attend KCAD for a semester as a guest student. Talk to your college or university, and then call us to discuss your plans.

And, sorry, but guest students aren't eligible for financial assistance.

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