Interior Design Technology Requirements

The Interior Design program will require all students to have a PC based laptop for their junior and senior years due to the program requirements of the specific software used.

Laptop should have Windows 10 64bit or Windows 11 64bit operating system with a 3+ GHz processor or higher.

32 GB of RAM (or more)

30 GB of free disk space (minimum) [30 will accommodate Revit, AutoCAD needs 10, SketchUp needs 2, CET needs 1.5 to install with .5 – 30 GB space for additional manufacturer extensions]

(CET requires SSD Disk type with 2+ TB)

Framework  .NET 8

8+ GB dedicated (discrete) memory NVIDIA graphics card Benchmark with a score of 15 000 or higher / DirectX 12 compliant, video card supports Open GL 3.1 or higher

1920 x 1080 resolution display (minimum)

2-button mouse with scroll wheel

For rendering software Enscape, the GPU has to have a dedicated VRAM, not a shared VRAM as found with the Intel Integrated Graphics chips. 8 GB VRAM and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti or AMD RX 6800 minimum required (this software is not required by the program, but students may wish to use this with the SketchUp and/or Revit software used in the program)




AutoCAD required for KCID 235 – AutoCAD is free to students, create an account using your email (

SketchUp Pro required for KCID 250 – students receive an education discount (

CETDesigner required for KCID 350 – access to this software will be provided FREE for the semester you are registered in this course

Revit required for KCID 425 – available free from Autodesk, use the same student account created for the AutoCAD software


External Accessories


At least a 1TB external hard drive or larger for backup and storage of files