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Why Macs?

The decision to go with a Macintosh laptop was reached after extensive research and testing. Apple computer released an innovative software program called Bootcamp. This program allows these computers to start up in both of the dominant operating systems in use today. The student will be able to run Macintosh OSX as well as the Windows operating system and software. Other features found standard on this computer will ensure that each student will be able to communicate, research, create, document, and present his/her work professionally. The Intel-based Macintosh laptop will allow students to take any class at KCAD regardless of the operating system. Note: If your Mac has the Apple M1 processor, Bootcamp may not work. You will need to purchase an emulator to install Windows such as Parallels for Mac.

Does KCAD sell any required software?

Orders for Adobe Creative Cloud may be placed through the Technical Support page on the KCAD website. Students must consent to an agreement stating that the software will be for their use only and that it cannot be given to anyone else, borrowed or sold.

Where can students buy required software that cannot be ordered from KCAD?

Most software can be purchased by students at a discounted rate by visiting Studica.

Microsoft Windows can be purchased online through many websites such as Newegg or Amazon.

If you need any assistance finding where you can purchase software not sold by KCAD please call Tech Support at 616 259.1129, email at [email protected], or just come and visit us in room 404.

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