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Lisa Wall

Community Service Award
‘97, Interior Design

Since age 16 Lisa Wall has wished to become self-employed and knew that she would create her own future. Due to financial circumstances she was unable to attend college immediately after high school, but knew that one day she would be an Interior Designer. Upon taking classes at her community college in Lansing, her talents were recognized and she was advised by a professor to apply to Kendall, which was life-altering advice. Lisa graduated, with honors, from the Interior Design program in 1997.

Although it is not a highly regarded sector of Interior Design, Lisa is very proud of her contributions to the State of Michigan Affordable Housing market, which comprises the majority of her work product. Lisa is proud to be respected and sought after in this market and has gained national recognition for her contributions to her community.

It is Lisa’s compassion and drive to help the underserved in her community that prompted her colleagues to nominate her for the Community Service Award.