KCAD Student, BFA Graphic Design

A graphite drawing of an ice cream shop.


Joni's Cones


"Joni’s Cones is a small ice cream shop located in Muskegon by Wolf Lake. It has served various generations and childhoods, fostering residents' strong adoration for the location. This piece depicts a classic arrow sign in front of the business backlit by a radial sunset at the end of an eventful summer day. This 9 by 12 inch piece was made with graphite during the rendering illustration class through Kendall College of Art and Design. The overall intention was to create a warm, inviting, and realistic depiction of this beloved space.

This graphite piece was accomplished using various shading techniques such as hatching and stippling. The intention was to create an accurate relection of a loved place that has left an indelible impression on my childhood memories. The drawing is dervied from an image taken while cooling off with a summer cone."


Born in Muskegon and raised in Grand Rapids, Abby has been drawing and creating ever since she can remember; she considers this passion an innate part of her personality. Growing up, she was surrounded by masterful watercolor works hanging in her home made by her grand uncle Wilfred (Wally) Berg. She is inspired by his story and prolific artwork and is proud to be part of his family. Abby is a current senior at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University studying Graphic Design with a minor in Spanish and Illustration. Being bilingual in English and Spanish, Abby has grown to deeply value the notion of how art can reach beyond language and leave an impactful impression on those willing to give the time to understand it.