ArtPrize 2022: KCAD Community Participation Guide

ArtPrize 2022 at KCAD: Infinite Futures

KCAD Infinite Futures



Featured Artists: 

Benjamin Boss – Staff (Content Management and Scholarly Communication Librarian)
Novali Centellas –  Student (BFA Photography)
Tatsuki Hakoyama – Faculty + Alum ('14, MFA Painting)
Dani F. Hughes –  Alum ('22, BFA Photography)
Bob Marsh –  Faculty (Sculpture and Functional Art)
Abigail McDiarmid –  Student (BFA Graphic Design)
Colleen O’Donnell -  Alum ('22, Master of Art Education)
Cory Peeke –  Alum ('91, BFA Fine Arts)
Mark Rumsey –  Alum ('08, MFA Printmaking)
Scott Whitworth –  Alum ('15, BFA Photography)



General Participants

A woman with black hair in a black shirt smiling into the camera

Natalie Wetzel

Associate Professor, Foundations Program Co-Chair
ArtPrize 2022 Juror: Time-Based category
A woman with blond hair and a blue sportcoat smiling into the camera

Lori Faulkner

Associate Professor, Fashion Studies Program Chair
Panelist,  ArtPrize & Cultivate Panel "The Intersection of Art & Nature"
September 28 from 7-9pm at Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
A women in a bright blue shirt smiling into the camera

Danielle Wyckoff

Associate Professor, Drawing
Panelist,  ArtPrize & Cultivate Panel "Intersection of Art and Storytelling"
September 21 from 6-8pm at Fountain Street Church

A mural of pastel colored fish

Erika Collin

Student (Master of Arts in Design)
Project Manager for the ArtPrize 2022 entry "Seeking a Pleasant Peninsula"
on view at One Forty Monroe Center
A painted portriat of a man wearing glasses and a vibrantly patterened button up shirt

Le Tran ('15, Master of Art Education) / Olivia Miller ('13, BFA Art Education; '20, Master of Art Education)

Art Teachers, East Kentwood High School
Mentors for the ArtPrize 2022 entry "Through the Veil"
created by East Kentwood students



Other Participating Artists

Kelli Bechtel

Alum ('18, BFA Drawing)
on view at Brush Studio

A vividly detailed drawing of a snow leopard in front profile

William Chatlosh

Student (BFA Fashion Studies)
"Marilyn Monroe" 
on view at Biggby Coffee 

A portrait of a blond woman woven out of fabric

Rosanne Coty

Alum ('90, AFA Graphic Design)
on view at The BOB

A drawing of a forest of trees rendering in vibrant bright colors

Bryce Culverhouse

Alum ('72, Advertising Design)
"Indigenous People Series" 
on view at Fountain Street Church

A portrait of a man with frizzy black hair and a long unkempt beard

Lori Eslick

Alum ('98, BFA Illustration)
"Lost Lake
on view at Sweet Yo's

An illustration of a serene scene overlooking a lake

Kathleen Ford

Alum ('90, BFA Illustration)
"Can you hear That ?!" 
on view at Brush Studio

An illustration of a cat

Hallie LeBlanc

Alum ('14, MFA Painting)
on view at The Arts Marketplace at Studio Parks

A painting of a woman looking into the distance, warm and welcome

Forrest Miller

Alum ('13, BFA Illustration)
"Water is the Driving Force of All Nature" 
on view at The BOB

A seren painting of a lush woodland forest with waterfalls flowing through tree covered hills

Nick Nortier

Alum ('13, BFA Illustration)
"Bouldering Mural" 
on view at Grand Rapids Boulder Park (Highland Park)

A mural of pastel colored flowers and vine covered plants

Maria Orr

Alum ('89, AFA Illustration)
"Harleigh Who?" 
on view at JW Marriott Grand Rapids

A colorful painted portrait of a small girl with an anxious look on her face

Amy A.E. Russell

Student (AFA Design Studies; BFA Digital Art and Design)
"Sixth Street Bridge" 
on view at Auto Fixit Body Shop

A panoramic photograph of a blue pedestrian bridge spanning a shallow river in a busy metropolitan era

Jamie Shackleton

Alum ('08, BFA Illustration)
"13 Moons Parachute" 
on view at City Built Brewing Company A woman approaches a colorful parachute stretched over a wooden dome

Noel Skiba

Alum ('85, BFA Illustration)
"I Love Grand Rapids USA, 2020" 
on view at Holiday Inn Grand Rapids Downtown

A colorful painted portrait of a city skyline  

Brian Whitfield

Alum ('85, BFA Illustration)
"Who's Next?" 
on view at Grand Rapids African American Museum and Archives     A carnival booth

Jackson Wrede

Alum ('21, MFA Painting)
"Downtown Grand Rapids Painting" 
on view at JW Marriott Grand Rapids A photorealistic painting of a city skyline  

Kathleen Zeck

Alum ('15, BFA Painting; '19, MFA Painting)
"Wheat Storm" 
on view at Moosejaw

An painting of a wheat field in the middle of a dark, stormy night with lighting cracking in the sky above


Erica Kuhl

Alum ('91, BFA Illustration)
"In Bello (In Time of War)" 
on view at Palatte Coffee and Art

A photorealistic painting of a city skyline