KCAD Alum ('08, MFA)

"cloud redux: silver lining," by Mark Rumsey. Installation made of paper and wool.


Cloud Redux: Silver Lining


"I view my position as an artist as akin to that of an explorer, always searching for new information. I approach art as a creative practice beyond traditional disciplinary boundaries, defined by purpose rather than by media. I view media as a means to an end, in service to the idea. My work is ever-changing, responding to the world around me. It fluctuates from solo studio work to relational installations to community projects - each mode of making responding to a specific set of inputs and conditions.

Understanding and knowing are in continuous flux as we find new ways to see and perceive our world. When Turner gazed towards the sky to paint clouds, he saw fluffy animated forms which allowed him to paint with abandon, with a knowing of the state of constant change that clouds were. The Cloud presented here stems from the same desire for understanding, only seen through a lens of contemporary perception. Our understanding of clouds is more informed than our subjective, emotive responses. The structure of clouds, like most of our natural world, is highly regular. Clouds are composed of ice particles and water droplets; light plays upon these structures and creates forms and shadows. This Cloud presents a matrix, a filter for light to play through. This work focuses on providing viewers with an opportunity to experience an immersive environment, study the relationship between light and form, and recognize the relationship between the work, the viewer, and the space in which it is contained. The viewer is required to be active, participate with the piece, move through the space, turn one's head to see a certain angle, gain a new vantage point, and discover the continuously unfolding patterns and rhythms. The experience is a condensed and structured mimicry of natural phenomena - akin to watching the wind sweep across a field of wheat or laying on the ground staring up through a canopy of trees. "


Mark Rumsey is an artist working in social situations and spatial manipulations. His work has been exhibited throughout the United States as well as internationally. The manifestations of his work take on many forms, including site-specific installation, rela- tional engagements, and live performance. Rumsey attended Grand Valley State Uni- versity (Michigan, USA), earning a BFA in Ceramics and Philosophy. He pursued graduate work in Sculpture at Montana State University (Montana, USA) and in Landscape Architecture at The Ohio State University (Ohio, USA). He completed his graduate llege of Art & Design of Ferris State University (Michigan, USA), earning an MFA in Printmaking.