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Bodies of Art: The Forest Floor

Posted April 9, 2012 in Classes & PresentationsEvents

On Friday, March 23, Kendall's Fashion Club hosted the 8th annual Bodies of Art fashion show. More than 50 students participated in the show, entitled “The Forest Floor,” from designing clothing and/or jewelry to creating the woodland atmosphere at the Goei Center.

I spoke with Katie Wright, a junior Illustration major and club president, who described the show. “Think Mid-Summer's Night Dream; ethereal, soft neutrals, pale pinks, forest greens, and grays that emulate natural patterns, using natural materials.”

Katie’s dress, modeled by her friend Christine, used cherry woodcut medallions salvaged from her father’s woodshop, knitted together with reclaimed nylons.

Joanne Bronicki’s design was inspired by Victoria’s Secret’s angel wings. Her fantastical creation was not fashioned from feathers, but with twigs and branches.

Because the forest can be romantically soft in the daylight, and eerie and frightening in the nighttime, student designers illustrated both. Heather Duffy’s Light Queen’s dress and regal headpiece made a striking contrast with Daniel Mark’s King and Queen of the Night.

To invoke more community outreach, the Fashion Club teamed up with students from the GVSU Fashion Alliance, and students from the Douglas J Aveda Institute created fantastical airbrushed make-up designs.

Katie will be club president and managing next year’s show as well. She and fellow club members cannot wait for the Fashion Program’s studios to open. “Everyone worked alone, out of their own home studio. The thought of coming together and having a real space to work in is so exciting.”

~ Pamela Patton

~ Photos: Matthew Gubancsik


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