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Cartoonists enthrall Kendall Students

Posted December 6, 2011


Recently, cartoon creators and Kendall Alums Adam Withers and Comfort Love (they are married and yes, that is her real name) regaled a room full of Kendall College of Art and Design students with stories of their career paths and adventures.

They had so much to say and the students in the audience had so many questions that the Q and A ran an hour longer than scheduled. Very few students got up to leave when the time ran over.

So, what was so interesting?

First they described themselves as “a quaint little married couple who happen to be self-publishers of comic books.”

They both like to draw. “Adam grew up drawing in the margins of his math book,” Comfort revealed. “He’s not good at math, but great at drawing.”

Since graduating from Kendall in 2004, they have built their cartoon business that includes both the Uniques and Rainbow in the Dark. They explained how they go to comic book conventions (called Cons) and make friends with fans, sell books, do on-the-spot drawings and promote themselves.

“We have learned that we are our own product in this white ear bud world,” said Comfort. “This means selling ourselves over and over.” 

I personally loved their sense of humor. Not surprising that comic book artists would be funny. The first clue was when Adam tested the microphones using a deep low voice for his and a high pitched one for Comfort’s. No monotone “testing, testing” for these guys.

They shared that each page of a comic book needs to have an “establishing” shot and then a mix of different camera angles.

“The different camera angles will keep your reader interested,” explained Adam. “And it is important to bring out emotion in every scene.”

They showed examples of how they draw sound effects like this one. 

While the talk went on with too much to share here, they left the group with these words to remember about the importance of ruthless editing. “Don’t be afraid to edit,” said Adam. “That’s how your work will improve.”

“That’s right, kill your little darlings. Murder them,” added Comfort.

The group laughed and nodded in agreement at the same time.

They also strongly advised being very careful about what students post online. “It does not behoove you to be a jerk. Be sure to manage your online image. There is no anonymity any more.”

Want to learn more about this dynamic duo?
Scroll down for web sites packed with their work and musings.

~Susan J. Smith

The Uniques Website: www.UniquesComic.com

Rainbow in the Dark Website: www.RainbowintheDarkComic.com

Comfort's Deviant Art Page: www.ComfortLove.DeviantArt.com

Adam's Deviant Art Page: www.AdamWithers.DeviantArt.com

Twitter feed: www.twitter.com/#!/comfortandadam


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