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Dual Enrollment Students Jump Start their Kendall Experience

Posted July 4, 2011 in Events

If I recall correctly, the last project I made in high school art class was an ugly, mushroom-shaped ashtray. (My dad was a smoker.)

But Rick Brunson remembers his high school art classes. “I always looked forward to my art classes where I could get up, walk around, and create things.”

Perhaps that’s the reason that Brunson became a high school art teacher, and is such a passionate advocate for Kendall’s Dual Enrollment (DE) program, which allows incredibly talented high school students to take college-level classes at Kendall.

The DE program began in 2002, and as of 2010, former DE students comprise 13% of Kendall’s total on-campus students. And that number continues to grow each year. Brunson estimates that by the year 2016, one-quarter of Kendall students will have taken a DE class.

Dual Enrollment Conference 2011 # 1

Not only are the DE students remarkable, so are their instructors. And on June 28, approximately 50 teachers representing 42 high schools throughout Michigan gathered at Kendall for their annual conference.

Sixteen new DE teachers were welcomed to the group, some from as close as Forest Hills near Grand Rapids, and others from as far north as Charlevoix and East Jordan. (Shelly Danielson of Iron Mountain won recognition—again—for the longest commute: 8 hours one way.)

Dual Enrollment Rachael Hopkins

And several DE teachers received certificates for successfully completing their first year of teaching. It was interesting to note that several of the new teachers are former DE students themselves!

Dual Enrollment students can take seven classes at Kendall: Drawing, Color, 3-D Design, 2-D Design, Photography, and Graphics Studio 1 and 2.  

Dual Enrollment Patty Constantine


Dual Enrollment Jamie Watson


Teachers spent the afternoon with Kendall professors who teach these classes, and together everyone shared teaching methods and classroom experiences, as they prepared for another successful year of Dual Enrollment.

Dual Enrollment Teachers 2011 Conference
– Pamela Patton


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