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Inside “Insectrum,” the 2015 Fashion Studies Capstone Show

Posted July 29, 2015 in Classes & PresentationsFashion Studies

In this guest blog, Fashion Studies students Danielle Hoag and Matthew Pozsgay take you inside “Insectrum,” the 2015 Fashion Studies Capstone show, held at the historic Felt Mansion in Holland, MI.

Danielle Hoag

The spring 2015 Capstone Collection fashion show was a sell-out. Held at the stunning Felt Mansion, “Insectrum” featured many one-of-a-kind garments created by Fashion Studies students. The show was divided by classes within the Fashion Studies program, and each class was assigned a particular insect as a theme.


“Insectrum” included recycled garment designs from the Intro to Fashion class, dresses from the Design/Construction II class, ballet garments from the Construction IV class, swimsuits from Garments for Action and Function class, senior capstone collections from students Matthew Pozsgay and Jennie Reid, and five new looks from designer Pamella Roland, the namesake of KCAD’s Pamella Roland DeVos School of Fashion. “Insectrum” was made possible through the hard work of KCFS 422, the Fashion Show Production class, who brought it to life with teamwork and skills used throughout the course.

Jennie Reid capstone collectionFashion Studies senior Jennie Reid (far left) showcases her capstone collection

Being a part of a fashion show is a thrilling experience. The venue itself has a big impact on how the show will run, and with “Insectrum” being held at the Felt Mansion, it heightened the importance and elegance of the show. The production team put it all together with the help of many volunteers and those willing to step in to do makeup, hair, dressing, and videos for the show. Team members must work together in order for the show to run smoothly.  Each aspect of the show was assigned to a student to make sure the job got done. I was in charge of all the merchandise for the show, including garments, accessories, and shoes. I was also in charge of returning the garments to the KCAD in the best condition possible. My classmates were in charge of other parts of the show such as videography, hair and makeup, stage direction, model coordination, and public relations.

Moth dressHoag designed a swimsuit inspired by the purri moth

There were thirty-two garments that were displayed for the Capstone Show. I designed a swimsuit inspired by the purriri moth, which was worn and modeled by my sister Kaylee Hoag. The swimsuit was green with grey scale-like patterns that resembled the moth’s color, and was designed as a one-piece that not only secured in the back but around the neck, imitating the moth’s segmented body. It is a thrill to see and watch one’s own work walk down a runway. This experience has taught me much about teamwork and how much responsibility it takes in order to get a fashion show up and running. Our team and volunteers put in extra effort to make the 2015 Insectrum Capstone Show a success.

Matthew Pozsgay

I was fortunate enough to not only be part of the planning of KCAD’s annual capstone collection show, but to be honored as one of two featured seniors within the show as well. Planning and designing for the show was probably one of the most stressful and most rewarding times of my life.

Within the planning realm, I held the title of Graphics and Communications Director, which consisted of me branding our annual show and creating promotional tools for media outlets to use. This process taught me a lot about how much work goes into media planning and the branding of events. I worked within the Fashion Show Production Class, bouncing possible branding styles off of the class. After a couple of logo iterations, we created a brand style that I think is pretty spectacular.

Matthew Poszgay and modelsMatthew Pozsgay (center) showcases his senior capstone collection

For the fashion design portion, it was hard to balance my responsibilities as the Graphics and Communication Director with demands of organizing my senior collection. I had quite a few hiccups along the way, but I’m very proud of the outcome and presentation of my collection.

This whole experience has not only prepared me for the professional world but has made my final days at KCAD very special as well. I got to work with some of the most incredible people and learn more about the fashion world than I would in any other college setting. This capstone show has been a long and grueling process, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. This show has tested my limits and has allowed me to prove to myself that even the largest goals can be accomplished with hard work.

A model wearing a gown designed by Fashion Studies student Maggie Rosseter

I want to thank Lori Faulkner and the rest of the Fashion Studies faculty for mentoring me and believing in my talents and my collection. Without the support of my teachers and fellow students, this experience wouldn’t have been the same.

See more photos of “Insectrum” here.


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