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The Med Mile MINI

Posted September 24, 2012 in ArtPrizeClasses & PresentationsCompetitions

Last March, I blogged about Digital Imaging II students participating in a contest to make-over a MINI Cooper into an art car for ArtPrize. It was a class assignment, and the winner, would have his/her design produced for ArtPrize.

The winner? Then sophomore, now junior, Digital Media major Tyler Wayner for his Med Mile MINI. And is it ever fun. (Yes, he wore a lab coat when he showed me the car.)

Tyler Wayne Med Mile MINI Close-up

First things first. To get the full experience, you need to download an app to your smartphone. (There will be a QR Code next to the MINI, but it’s faster and easier to do before heading to ArtPrize.)

Next, find Tyler’s entry at the BOB. It’s right on the entrance on Monroe, and it’s easy to find: just follow the tire tracks on the sidewalk. And he’ll likely be there, dressed as a skeleton wearing a bright orange jumpsuit.

Then load the app, and stand on the X-ray feet surrounding the car.

Tyler Wayne Med Mile MINI together

Point your phone at the engine, and you’ll hear a heartbeat and see the MINI’s EKG.

I won’t give away the rest of the MINI’s surprises (there are five). Just stand on the feet and be amazed. Then hop in the driver’s seat, have a friend take a pic, and upload it to the MINI’s Facebook page.

~ Pamela Patton, Blogger

~ Matthew Gubanscik, Photos

Tyler Wayne Med Mile MINI Engine Close-up


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