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Twists, Turns, and Time Tunnels

Posted July 24, 2012 in Youth and Adults

If you think summers are quiet at Kendall, think again. The halls and classrooms have rung with the sounds of fantastic journeys to far-away lands, trips backward and forward in time, and mythical creatures of all shapes. 

Continuing Education Summer Students

Twice a week for six weeks, youngsters and adults participate in summer classes at Kendall, learning to draw, paint and sculpt. They’re designing the latest in fashion, creating characters for video games, and handcrafting jewelry—all under the theme "Twists, Turns, and Time Tunnels."

Marie Couretas, Instructor, Art with Ninjago

Off the top of her head, Brenda Sipe, Director of Continuing Studies, estimates that approximately 700 youth and adults will pass through Kendall’s doors this summer. “We had 900 registrations, but some of those are multiple classes for the same person,” she explains.

Continuing Education Summer Students

Besides classes, children also attend summer day camps. Instead of coming in for one or two classes, “campers” spend nearly an entire day at Kendall, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. “Until this year, we held camps only in August, but we’ve had such a high demand from parents that we decided to offer three week-long camps in July,” said Sipe.  

Continuing Education Summer Students

In addition to expanding day camps, Kendall had its first residential portfolio camp. “Portfolio camp is designed for high school students who want to develop their portfolios in preparation for admission to an art or design program. This year we had 18 students participate. Most of the students live within Grand Rapids, and are able to get to Kendall without a hitch; however, we had four girls about age 17, who came from Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, Saginaw, and Stanton—too far for them to drive every day. Katherine Downie, a 2012 grad who was my graduate assistant last year, served as one of 5 R.As. She’s living in Ann Arbor, but teaching a day camp and a young architect’s class and needed a place to stay, so it worked out great.” When Katherine wasn’t available, Hallie LeBlanc, Sipe’s current student assistant, along with Eleanor Gatewood, Beth Lively, and Sipe herself, pitched in, and all were housed at Peaches Bed and Breakfast, within easy walking distance.

Eleanor Gatewood, Instructor, Travel with your Camera Day Camp

On July 26, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., proud parents and family members will have a chance to see their kids’ work at the annual student show. “One of the most popular parts of the show is the photo booth, or maybe we should call it the PhotoShop booth,” said Sipe. “We take each student’s photo, in a time tunnel setting. The entire event is great fun.”

William Jones, Instructor, How to Manga


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