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Internship Benefits

The many benefits of hiring a KCAD intern.

Unlike most internship programs, KCAD students can take advantage of internship opportunities that arise anytime during the year. About 50% of KCAD interns will choose to receive credit for the internship experience. The other 50% will intern to gain the experience, but without receiving credit.

Benefits of Supporting an Internship:

  • Assistance with special projects or short-term assignments.
  • Benefit from the cutting edge technologies and relevant skills currently being taught in the classroom.
  • Flexible internship program can be customized to your needs.
  • Less training for future employees.
  • A source of new perspective into your organization and fresh ideas and concepts.
  • Visibility of your organization on campus to give you the competitive edge in hiring the best graduates.
  • Gain community respect and goodwill as others learn of your support of KCAD and your commitment to train the area's future art and design leaders.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Provide an internship description to KCAD's Career Services Office for posting.
  • Once you have hired an intern, discuss hours, compensation, dress and expectation.
  • Assign a supervisor who will mentor the directed learning experience and the student to the organization and its culture.
  • If the internship is a new site, KCAD's Internship Coordinator will contact you to schedule a visit or a short phone conversation, at your convenience, sometime during the internship.
  • Keep the Career Services Office informed of any questions or concerns that develop during the internship.
  • Complete the student evaluation and fax it to the career services office at 616-451-9867.

Internship FAQs

Learn more about hiring an intern from KCAD.

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