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Employer Internship FAQs

Frequently asked questions about internships

What should be included in the internship description?

  1. List the projects, primary tasks, expectations and special learning opportunities, such as attending staff meetings or technical training.
  2. List the special knowledge, skills and academic background the candidates you would like to target.
  3. Indicate who will have the primary responsibility for the intern.
  4. Indicate if the internship is paid, and if so, how much.
  5. List company contact information and the application process.

What are the minimum number of hours required if the intern is receiving credit?

Below is the minimum number of hours required to receive credit. The number of hours worked can be negotiated with the intern.

  • 9 + hrs/week for 3 credits (exception: Interior Design Students, 18-20 hrs/week)
  • 18 + hrs/week for 6 credits
  • 32 + hrs/week for 9 credits.

Are interns paid?

Most interns are paid. Normally, KCAD internships range from $8.15 to $17 per hour. Junior and Senior level students are eligible and prepared for an internship opportunity. It is at this time in their educational careers that they have developed solid skills that can be applied in the work place and can benefit your bottom line. Students receiving credit are billed tuition for the credit hours. The U.S. Department of Labor provides a fact sheet to help you determine if an intern should be paid for services they provide to "for-profit" private sector employers. Department of Labor Fact Sheet

Are international students eligible for internships?

Yes, if the student holds an immigration status of F-1, the internship opportunity is related to their declared major and if they are receiving credit for the experience. F-1 students who are enrolled full time for one year can be considered for CPT (Curricular Practical Training) and can work for pay. KCAD will verify the student’s status before they start an internship.

What if I experience concerns with the student during the internship?

Please use this opportunity to share your concerns with the student and present options to correct the issue. This is part of the learning experience. If you do not feel comfortable in addressing a particular issue, or have seen no change, please contact the KCAD Internship Coordinator.

How can I help develop an intern’s professional experience?

  • Expose them to business etiquette and professional office behavior..
  • Teach common sense in business situations.
  • Take the opportunity to teach problem-solving techniques.
  • Discuss conflict resolution.
  • Expose them to client relationships.
  • Invite interns to staff meetings.
  • Upon completion of the internship evaluation, spend time reviewing it with the student, addressing his/her strengths and areas that might need improvement and further education.

How much contact will I have with KCAD’s internship coordinator?

KCAD’s Internship Coordinator will conduct an on-site visit and meet the intern’s direct supervisor for all new internship sites and/or a mid-term call to check the intern’s progress.

Do I share the evaluation results with the intern?

Your input is very important. A constructive evaluation is an open dialog on the performance of the student’s skills, professionalism, communication and problem-solving skills. This insight will help the intern understand their strengths and areas that need to be addressed to ensure successful employment in the future.

Are there other ways to tap into KCAD’s creative talent?

  1. If you are interested in hiring a KCAD student for a one-time or short term project, please place your request on KCAD CareerLink as a freelance or contract position. The student will contact you directly.
  2. Class projects sponsored by your organization have proven to be mutually beneficial. Contact the department chair of the appropriate program.

How do I get an intern?

The KCAD Internship Coordinator is available to answer any questions about the KCAD internship program and assist you in your search for available candidates. Post your position to KCAD CareerLink or contact the Internship Coordinator at 616.451.2787 x1150.