Internship Program

Invaluable Experience

Want to leap ahead of the job market competition? Complement your academic preparation with a range of other experiences, such as study abroad, community service, participation in student organizations, membership of pre-professional organizations, and internships. KCAD students testify to the value of their internship experience.

For more information, check out our Internship FAQ (via link below), stop by the Student Services office, or speak with your faculty advisor or Program Chair.

Benefits of an Internship

Experience, confidence and better a job are just a few of the reasons to do an internship. Learn More


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Intern Testimonials

KCAD students have had some great internship experiences. Learn more about where other students have interned:

"The most valuable thing I learned was that my education was translating into a real life application."
KCAD Furniture Design Intern
Vladimr Kagen Design Group

"Everyone's attitude in the studio was awesome> I felt respected and got invaluable crits on my work."
KCAD Digital Media Intern
Nickelodeon Animation Studio

"I gained confidence that I can overcome any obstacle and I am better prepared for another internship or a job in the future."
KCAD Graphic Design Intern
Relevant Magazine

"It reaffirmed that I really love interior design and enjoy the materials side of interior design."
KCAD Interior Design Intern
Michigan Design Resources

"I gained the confidence that I can design something and have a client like it."
KCAD Digital Media Inern

"The ID team let me participate in some of the bigger projects". I was able to do drawings for meetings with the marketing department and engineers. It was very interesting to see how the marketing department viewed design and how important they are to product development."
KCAD Industrial Design Intern

"I learned that no matter how challenging an assignment becomes, as long as I communicate my questions, I will accomplish my assignment."
KCAD Photography Intern
Grand Media Inc.

"I got exposure to the latest technologies in design and product manufacturing and most importantly, daily interaction with other intelligent minds. The more variety of creative interests in coworkers/contacts, the better."
KCAD Industrial Design Intern
Oddly Even

"It exposed me to branding and that would be a good direction for me. When things get stressful or difficult, I dig in and get it done."
KCAD Graphic Design Intern
Haworth, Inc.

"Lighting! I was not proficient in studio lighting before and now I feel very confident in lighting. It is hard to light products."
KCAD Photography Intern
Chevron North America

"I haven't taken very many painting or fine art classes. Those courses may have helped when deciding which artists to hang in the gallery. I was curious what a job at a gallery entailed, now I'm sure that I would enjoy it."
KCAD Metals/Jewelry Intern
Noir Gallery

"What I liked about my internship experience is the people I worked with. I observed how they were completely comfortable with each other and their work truly reflected it. I think communication is critical to producing good work in a timely fashion."
KCAD Graphic Design Intern
Extra Credit Projects