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Brand Resources

Brand Standards

Below you will find a complete graphic standards guide, as well as logo downloads in two sizes. An .eps copy of the logo is available for designers familiar with their purpose and use. For this file or any other graphics questions/needs, please email Kyle Austin.

KCAD Brand Guidelines

Full logo, vertical:
 Large | Small
Full logo, vertical, color: Large | Small

Spark+KCAD: Large | Small
Spark+K: Large | Small


Full logo, horizontal:
 Large | Small
Full logo, horizontal, color: Large | Small

K only: Large | Small
Spark only: Large | Small

Stationery Templates

KCAD letterhead (interactive PDF)
KCAD letterhead template (Word Doc)
KCAD letterhead with header (Word doc)
KCAD #10 envelope template
Large Address Labels
Large Address Labels (Word Doc)
Small Return Address Labels


Notebooks and pencils

A variety of items are available for giveaways and thank yous, including notepads, mini sketchbooks, pens, moleskine sketchbooks, mugs, and more. Just stop by the Communications offices (17F, 134) to request yours, or send an email with “Swag Request” in the subject line and delivery instructions in the body – we can deliver to your office or mailbox.

Copy Standards

College name

In each document, the first reference to the college should appear as: Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University (KCAD). Each subsequent reference should refer to the college as KCAD.

Building names:

17 Fountain St. NW building (lowercase b) (internally: 17F)
Woodbridge N. Ferris Building (uppercase B) (internally: WNF)
17 Fountain St. NW and Woodbridge N. Ferris buildings (lowercase b when used together)

ADA Language for Invitations

To maintain compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for KCAD events, the following language must appear on event invitations and promotional materials, including formal invitations, postcards, posters, kcad.edu web event listings, and email messages. The language does not need to be included on social media posts as long as there is a link to more information which includes the language.

Requests for accommodations are the responsibility of the organizing department in consultation with the college's Director of Counseling and Disability services. All event promotions and invitations must include the following statement with department-specific contact information inserted:

Individuals with disabilities who require special accommodations to participate should contact the [insert contact and organizing department name] Office at [insert direct inward dial phone number] at least 72 hours in advance.

Non-Discrimination Requirement for University Publications

Guidelines for Standard Notice of Non-Discrimination Requirement for University Publications.

University communications, including KCAD, UICA, and student organizations, need to include the non-discrimination language as outlined in the Requirements link above.

Key indicators that a publication (print or digital) should include the Non-Discrimination Statement:

  • If it is a publication for a KCAD/University activity or organization, on- or off-campus
  • If it is a publication paid for by KCAD/University funds
  • If it is a publication which would also require inclusion of the ADA statement
  • Though not specified in the guidelines, event invitations should also include the short statement.

Questions? Contact Kyle Austin at [email protected] or 616.259.1261.

Alumni Referencing:

When referencing alumni in digital, print, and social media, use the following format.

  • Undergraduate alumni: Name (Grad year, [Degree type] [Program name]) ex. Jon Doe ('99, BFA Painting)
  • Graduate alumni: Name (Grad year, Degree Type) ex. Jane Doe ('80, MFA)

Alum, Alumnus, Alumni...
  • Alumnus = single, male
  • Alumna = single, female
  • Alumni = plural male or male+female
  • Alumnae = plural female
  • Alum = short/slang for alumnus/alumna

Grad, Alum, Non-Grad...
  • Graduate = has completed a KCAD degree program
  • Alum = has completed at least 30 credit hours
  • Non-Grad (NG) = attended but did not complete at least 30 credit hours

Graduate program abbreviations
  • Master of Architecture: MArch
  • Master of Arts in Design: MA in Design
  • Master of Arts in Visual and Critical Studies: MA in Visual and Critical Studies
  • Master of Fine Arts Painting: MFA Painting

Quotes and italics:
  • Book titles: "quotes"
  • Movie titles: "quotes"
  • Exhibition titles: italics
  • Magazine titles: standard text style
  • Artwork title: "quotes"
  • Speech title: "quotes"
  • TV show: "quotes"
  • Newspaper name: standard text style


Policies and Forms

KCAD Media Guidelines
Model Release Form
Student Artwork Usage Policy

University Social Media policy (references links below)

Contact Communications

Kyle Austin - Content Coordinator
[email protected]

Jackie McLane - Marketing & PR Coordinator
[email protected]

Hailey Jansson - Photographer/Videographer
[email protected]