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Course Delivery Information

Welcoming students back to campus.

The first day of class is August 31, 2020. Each program has made plans to provide students with a complete and engaging schedule of academic offerings while complying with local, state, and federal health guidelines directed at keeping the entire campus community safe, healthy, and moving forward successfully.

To achieve this, KCAD has adjusted the college’s academic offerings to feature three different primary methods of delivery:

Course Delivery Methods


Fully remote instruction. Depending on the class instructor, online classes may be synchronous (in which they meet on specific days/times), or asynchronous (where coursework is pursued with the instructor without meeting on a specific day/time).


Delivery is flexible, taking place at specific days and times, including socially distant face-to-face and remote instruction as arranged between the instructor and the student.

Face-to-Face (F2F)

Classes meet on campus with socially distant face-to-face instruction.

Some programs may have already begun to communicate details about these delivery methods and their plans for the fall semester. KCAD is in the process of updating each student’s class schedule to reflect the course delivery method for each course. At this time, class schedules in MyFSU may not be an accurate reflection of the delivery method for courses.

Course Delivery Guide and Syllabus Supplement

A current list of courses and their intended delivery method can be accessed via the link below. If your course(s) is not listed, it will be added soon. Please check back regularly. As class schedules are updated, they will align with this list.

Please also be sure to review the syllabus supplement via the link below for more information on how to successfully navigate the fall semester.

View the Fall 2020 Course Delivery Guide (Updated Aug. 28, 2020)

View the Fall 2020 Syllabus Supplement

Frequently Asked Questions on Course Delivery

What if I am not able to return to campus?

If your courses are scheduled for F2F or HyFlex instruction, and you are not able to return to campus, please contact your course instructors to seek online accommodations.

If your instructor is unable to make this accommodation, you should contact the Dean of Academic Affairs at [email protected].

What is the attendance policy for the Fall 2020 semester?

CLASS PARTICIPATION IS IMPORTANT! Due to COVID-19, students and instructors are encouraged to stay home if they feel ill to protect the health of the greater KCAD Community. If you are ill or have any other health issue that prohibit you from joining planned classes, it is very important that you contact your instructor and make plans to follow up on missed information in a timely manner.

This year, good communication between faculty and students is critical to our success. It is your responsibility to communicate with your instructor about your illness/absence AND complete your assignments, course work, and course requirements.

Will exceptions be made to standard policies concerning grading, course withdrawal, and early academic dismissal?

Students are adapting to new ways of learning and may feel uncertain or even nervous about the impact on their final grades. As such, KCAD and Ferris State University have implemented a series of temporary academic accommodations to help ensure the academic success and degree completion of all students.

Students are encouraged to review this information carefully, and if you are considering any of the accommodations listed, you are encouraged to connect with your advisor as a first step.

Who should I contact if I have questions or concerns about course delivery, or if I want to make changes to my class schedule?

Students with questions, concerns, or who wish to make changes to their class schedule should contact their program advisor or Carol Sloan, KCAD Academic Advisor (email [email protected] or call 616.259.1233) as soon as possible.