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Individual Counseling

How do I get started?

To make an initial appointment with the counselor, you must call 616.259.1136 or stop by the counseling office.

What Happens in the First Appointment?

At your initial appointment, you will be asked a few questions related to your present concerns. Depending on the nature of your visit, it may take one or two sessions to understand your priorities. During these sessions, the counselor should be able to offer you initial impressions of what the work will include, establish goals for counseling and the approximate number of sessions you will attend. These sessions will help both you and the counselor decide how the Counseling Office can best help you or if an outside referral to a community agency is recommended.

How Many Times Do I Need To See A Counselor?

This depends on your individual needs and the counseling plan you have developed with your counselor. Although we do not limit the number of sessions a student can have, we emphasize a short-term counseling focus. Sessions are typically scheduled weekly or bi-weekly and range from half hour to fifty minutes in duration. Much of the focus is on helping you reach your academic goals and working with the challenges to that process. If you require additional services or long-term counseling, we will refer you to other resources within the community.


The identity of those using the counseling services along with the disclosures made in the course of the counseling relationship are confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of the counseling office without your expressed written consent, except under conditions involving the potential for serious physical harm to yourself or other individuals, child or senior abuse or other legal mandates.