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Disability Documentation

Students are encouraged to inform the Disability Services Office of a disability as soon as possible after admission.

Students should discuss the documentation that is needed with the Disability Services staff. If your documentation is not sufficient, you will be required to provide more current testing results before services may be provided.

What must be included in the Documentation?

Documentation of a disability to support eligibility for services must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be recent (within the past 3 years) and sufficient to document the current status of the impairment and its impact on the student’s ability to perform major life activities necessary for the academic program.
  • Must include a clear diagnosis identifying the disability. This should describe how the condition was diagnosed, provide information on the functional impact, and detail the typical progression or prognosis of the condition.
  • Must include a description of the diagnostic methodology used. Include a description of the diagnostic criteria, evaluation methods, procedures, tests and dates of administration, as well as a clinical narrative.
  • Must include the credentials of the evaluator indicating that the person is appropriately licensed or certified to make the diagnostic statement for the disability.
  • Must include recommendations for accommodations and academic adjustments that may be appropriate in the student’s program. It is most helpful when recommended accommodations and strategies are logically related to functional limitations. While the post-secondary institution has no obligation to provide or adopt recommendations made by outside entities, those that are congruent with programs and services offered by the college or program will be considered.

The Individual Educational Plan developed for use in elementary or secondary school DOES NOT APPLY in post-secondary education. The Student Exit Summary (SES), high school transition plan and assessment provided by a licensed psychologist or licensed school psychologists may be acceptable.


All records and documentation submitted to the Disability Services Office is considered medical information. It is not shared with other college personnel (including faculty) without the explicit written permission of the student.


The evaluation or assessment to determine eligibility for services as a student with a disability is the responsibility of the student. The college does not provide assessment or evaluation services.