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Test Proctoring

Test proctoring is provided as a service to faculty and students.

The primary goal is to assist faculty in their efforts to provide testing accommodations for students with disabilities. The Activities and Resource Center (ARC) will also proctor tests for students with special circumstances such as excused absences. The ARC cannot proctor tests for entire classes and test proctoring is by appointment only.

Testing Location: Activities and Resource Center, 1st Floor Kendall Building, two testing rooms available.

Testing Center Hours for Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters: Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:00pm (exams must be finished by 5:00pm)

Student Responsibilities

  • Schedule an exam time at least one week before the exam as there are limited times and rooms available
  • Give the Test Proctoring Form to faculty for completion one week before the exam and discuss specific test proctoring needs and plans
  • Must show student I.D. at the testing site prior to taking exam
  • Must abide by Kendall College of Art and Design's Academic Code of Conduct
  • Only approved instruments/materials allowed in testing area. No coats, backpack, purses, cellular phones or other electronic devices are allowed in the testing rooms. Items not allowed in the testing room can be left at the front desk of the Activities and Resource Center. Please note this is not a secured area and the Activities and Resource Center is not responsible for items left at the front desk. It is advised to not bring any personal belongings.
  • Must be on time for test. Tests will not be administered if arrival time is 30 minutes after the instructor’s stated start time. If a student is within the 30 minute window, the late time will be deducted from the total time allowed for the test. If a student is 15-30 minutes late, the professor will receive a notification of tardiness with the exam.

Faculty Responsibilities

  • Discuss with the student specific test proctoring/accommodation needs and plans.
  • Complete Test Proctoring Form, including specific accommodation needs and test routing procedures
  • At least 24 hours prior to date of the test, hand deliver, fax (616.451.9867), or email ([email protected]) the test and the Test Proctoring Form to the Activities and Resource Center
  • Digital images can be emailed or put on a flash drive. Flash drives will be returned to the instructor upon completion of the exam.

Make-up Policy

  • Tests are returned to professor with notation that student missed the test when the student fails to arrive within 30 minutes of scheduled start time
  • Professor will be asked to apply his/her own make-up policy
  • The Activities and Resource Center will provide make-up tests if space/staff are available