Student Activities & Organizations

Outside the classroom.

The Student Engagement Office prepares students to be leaders in art and design through extensive student-led programming, community outreach opportunities, and leadership skills development events. These activities are provided to students by way of the KCAD student organizations and are open to members or non-members of the student organizations. Each student activity promotes the interaction of students within KCAD, with the community, and with professional artists and designers.

Student organization presidents provide information twice a month to the Director of Student Engagement for College-wide programming and also collaborate to coordinate multiple organization efforts on large scale events.

Annual Student Activities

KCAD offers a wide variety of activities for its' students. Join us for the annual Welcome Week festivities, Halloween party, Bodies of Art Show, and Relaxation Week events.

Find an Organization

There are lots of activities and organizations students can join. From professional organizations to social clubs, there is something for everyone.

Event Bulletin

Bulletin boards are located throughout the College to advertise KCAD events and local community events. Also, be sure to check your Ferris email account for event updates.