Study Away

KCAD offers study away opportunities both domestically and internationally. KCAD encourages students to experience the world through one of these programs to broaden their understanding of art, design, art history, or art education and to gain a global perspective. Study away is also the type of experience that potential employers notice. Students that participate in study away programs are open-minded, persistent, and organized – all great attributes for employment. 

KCAD faculty lead programs that range in length from two to four weeks and are typically offered during the summer semester. Students can independently study for a full semester or academic year overseas. Many programs offer both studio and general education credits. This summer KCAD faculty are leading trips to places like Italy and Sweden. Their students can earn credits in Architecture, Art History, Humanities, Graphic Design, Photography or as Electives.

Students must check with their faculty advisor and the Director of Student Engagement in the Activities and Resource Center before registering for a study away program. 

Financial Aid may be available depending on a student’s financial situation and the total number of credit hours in which a student is enrolled during the study away program. Students can visit the Activities and Resource Center for information on current options.