Academic Tutoring

Assisting in Your Pursuit of Academic Excellence

Peer tutors are available to assist students with the content of art history, math and a limited number of general education courses. Students can learn academic skills which will help them grow in their learning endeavors.

Requesting a Tutor

  1. Send a request via email to KCAD Director of Counseling and Disabilities Services Marie Yowtz at [email protected]
  2. After your request has been received, we will assess whether a tutor is available for the requested class and notify you of the tutor's contact information.
  3. The tutor and student will then make arrangements to meet for up to two hours each week.

Preparing For Your Session

  • Your tutor is here to assist you, but the goal is to not just complete your homework.
  • Read your assignment and assigned readings before you come.
  • Attempt your homework and come with questions about problem areas.
  • Bring your textbook, workbooks and class assignments.

Questions? Let us help

Counseling, Disability and Tutoring Services is located in the Student Services area of the seventh floor of the 17 Fountain St. NW building.