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Barnes & Noble—the vendor for the Ferris State University Bookstore—made the difficult decision to close the physical operations of the Kendall Bookstore in KCAD’s 17 Fountain St. Building in July of 2020 due to reduced foot traffic and usage over the last several years.

However, the Ferris State University Bookstore through Barnes & Noble remains committed to providing the same great service to the KCAD community online, ensuring that courseware needs will continue to be met.

Ordering Textbooks Online

To order textbooks online, students should take the following steps:

  1. Go to the Ferris bookstore website.
  2. Click on "Textbooks"
  3. Use the "Find Course Materials" tool to locate the books required for each of your courses
  4. Add books to your cart as needed before checking out

Bookstore FAQs

Can students still order books online for the fall 2020 semester?

Yes. Orders will be shipped directly to students’ place of residence, and free shipping will be offered on fall back-to-school orders. Student account charging is also available for all online orders.

What if I still have rental textbooks from the spring 2020 semester to return?

KCAD students who have not yet returned rental books from the spring 2020 term may still send them back to the Ferris Bookstore to be checked in. At this time, KCAD students can request a free return shipping label by sending an email to Ferris Bookstore Manager Karen Bohren at [email protected].

How should faculty communicate their required course materials to the Ferris Bookstore?

KCAD faculty may send their course materials requests to [email protected]. They may also call Debra Dykeman, Manager of Course Materials at 231.591.2503 or extension 2648.