Title IX Complaint

How to File a Complaint

The University takes all complaints of discriminatory conduct seriously and is committed to prompt, thorough, and appropriate review of allegations made or known to the administration. Individuals who believe that they have been the victims of conduct prohibited by the University’s Policy on Non-Discrimination and/or its Employee and Student Dignity Policy or who believe that they have witnessed or otherwise have information about conduct in violation of those University policies should promptly report complaints to the University.

Complainants may pursue some or all of these steps at the same time. Complainants need not know which course of action they wish to request, nor how to label what happened. Complainants and other reporting persons are encouraged to seek support and information from a confidential resource.

Contact the closest police department for assistance in filing a criminal complaint and preserving physical evidence.

Grand Rapids Police Department
1 Monroe Center NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Contact the Ferris State University Title IX Coordinator to make an internal complaint/report.

Jess Ettel Irvine
Title IX Coordinator
Ferris State University (Big Rapids campus)
University Center 129D
805 Campus Dr.
Big Rapids, MI 49307
[email protected]

Reporting Obligations

Many Ferris State University employees are considered Responsible Employees. Under Title IX, these individuals are obligated to report to the Title IX Coordinator if they know or, in the application of reasonable care, should know of an instance of sexual misconduct. For more information on Responsible Employees, please refer to our page on Title IX Definitions.

Third Party & Anonymous Reporting

The University expects that community members who have information related to conduct that may violate University policies administered under this procedure, will report that information in a timely and thorough manner, regardless of their involvement or source of knowledge related to circumstances alleged. Complaints received by third-parties who have no involvement in the alleged discriminatory conduct shall be investigated as outlined in these procedures.

Anonymity may be requested by individuals filing complaints or otherwise notifying the University of concern for conduct in violation of University policy. In some cases, the anonymity of the Complainant or other individual(s) who notify the University of conduct alleged to violate University policy may be maintained to ensure the safety, non-retaliation, and well-being of those involved or others in the University community. Due process may however require notice to the Respondent of the source(s) of allegations made. While the University maintains sole discretion to determine when proceeding with an anonymous or confidential complaint is in the best interest of the University community, survivors of sexual misconduct should know that every effort will be made to honor requests for confidentiality and ensure privacy.

Title IX