Title IX - FAQ

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What are the responsibilities of student care under Title IX?

The University will take immediate action to investigate. If a hostile environment has been created, the University must take steps to end the sexual violence, eliminate the hostile environment, prevent its recurrence, and remedy its effects.

Does the University have specific procedures for receiving and responding to a complaint?

Yes, the first step is to decide how you wish to report the incident. Please see the Code of Student Community Standards special section on responding to allegations of sexual violence for more detailed information.

Are the University and criminal investigations the same?

No, under Title IX, the University is required to conduct its own independent investigation to determine the facts of the incident and respond to safeguard the campus community.

If I choose to make a formal complaint, will it be kept private?

The University response will do everything possible to ensure your privacy. Only those directly involved in responding to the allegation and preventing any recurrence will be notified. Only licensed counselors and clinicians may guarantee a level of confidentiality.

If drugs or alcohol were involved, will I get in trouble?

No. The seriousness of sexual misconduct is a major concern and the University does not want any of the circumstances to inhibit the reporting of sexual misconduct. Alcohol or drugs by either party does not diminish any subsequent determination of responsibility.

I want to report, but don’t feel safe.

The University will do everything reasonable to ensure your safety. Housing, academic, work, and other accommodations can be made to prevent further victimization or possible retaliation.

Will my parents or guardians be contacted?

No. However, students are strongly encouraged to inform their parents or guardians.

What should I do if I have been accused of assault?

Do NOT contact the complainant. Consider contacting someone for support through the process, such as a counselor in the KCAD Personal Counseling Center.


In case of an emergency,
call 911.

To report an incident, contact these campus resources during regular business hours (8am-5pm):

Title IX Coordinator (Ferris State University)
Jess Ettel Irvine

Confidential Support (KCAD Campus)
Personal Counseling Office
Marie Yowtz, LMSW


More information:

Resource Handbook for Campus Sexual Assault Survivors, Friends and Family