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2020 Master’s Thesis Online Exhibition

May 5, 2020 4:00 pm –August 1, 2020 7:52 pm
Location: online http://www.kcad2020.org
Green sky over KCAD campus

The annual Master's Thesis Exhibition features the fully-developed work of those students who have completed their graduate studies. These students have spent their time at KCAD broadening both their technical abilities and their understanding of their respective disciplines, and this exhibition offers a rare glimpse into the process, methodology, and passion that went into the compilation of their final thesis projects.

We often turn to creativity to get through difficult times, and it’s been extremely hard on everyone at KCAD—and especially on our graduates—to not be able to celebrate our students’ achievements through our traditional Annual Student Exhibition and year-end programming.

While there is no replacement for seeing art and design in person, or for being able to gather together in a physical space, we felt it vital to create an online platform to showcase and celebrate the brilliant work our graduating graduate students have developed this past year.

The exhibition will go live at kcad2020.org on May 5th at 4PM, and will feature the work of:

  • Enrique Andrade - Master of Architecture
  • Laura Oakwood Bishop - MA in Design
  • Kathryn Cárdenas - MFA Painting, MA in Visual and Critical Studies
  • Samantha Conrad - MFA Painting
  • Taryn Curatti - MA in Visual and Critical Studies
  • Andrew Dancer - Master of Architecture
  • Brenton Distin - Master of Architecture
  • Thomas Erdall - MA in Design
  • Nicole Hughes – MA in Design
  • Bryan Hutchinson - MFA Printmaking
  • Rosie Lee – MFA Painting, MA in Visual and Critical Studies
  • Kim Maguire - MFA Drawing, MA in Visual and Critical Studies
  • Sara Manley – MFA Painting
  • Anna Charee Schierbeek - MFA Drawing
  • Mark Sloan - Master of Architecture
  • Samm Stein - MA in Design