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April 11, 2014 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Location: Downtown Grand Rapids
Art Downtown, Friday, April 11. Featuring over 34 locations featuring 54 shows and over 550 artists.

April 11
Grand Rapids

Launching into its fifth year, this gallery, studio and shop hop has over 34 locations featuring 54 shows and over 550 artists, showing in galleries, businesses and studio spaces in downtown Grand Rapids. You can find the entire list of participants and locations here: Avenue for the Arts - Art.Downtown.

KCAD represents approximately 16 sites featuring 18 shows and over 100 current Kendall students, in addition to, 12+ alumni and 6 professors. Check the in progress list below of sites that feature KCAD affiliated artists: they are participating as curators, documenters, featured artists.

The List

KCAD - 17 Fountain

  • Atrium 2nd Annual Big Block Party: This live printing event features 4' x 8' woodcuts of favorite foods, music, a photo booth, and interactive printmaking/papermaking stations for the whole family! Featured Artists: Collective Pressure Participating Members: Amanda Berry, Katie Denhof, Bryan Hutchinson, Alexandra Johnson, Kayla Karaszewski, Ryan Koster, Erica Lang, Madison May, Jenna Para, Sofia Ramirez Hernandez, Whitney Ruhlman, Erin Schaenzer, Wes Smith, Laura Thomason, Mariel Versluis, Danielle Wyckoff, Julia Perry, Jordan Moore, Jane Mandley, Cindi Ford, and James Broe (13 Students + 2 teachers). Other clubs involved: The Painting Collective, KAESA, and Pulp Fiction
  • 104 Gallery Impressions: New student works. Featured Artists: Alexandra Johnson, Jenna Para, Maddie May, Holly Degen, Kayla Karaszewski, Erin Schaenzer, Whitney Ruhlman
  • Helen Miller Gallery Not There Yet: Current MFA Students: Current MFA students displaying a works from a variety of mediums reflecting each students thesis. Featured Artists: Matt Gubanscik; Lee Timko; Amanda Carmer; Ricardo Gonzales; Ethan Ross; Kari Friestad; Taz Hakoyama; Melissa Redman; Brianna Baurichter; Xaiolong Fang (Paul); Rob Wilkinson; Laurie Hunt

KCAD - 17 Pearl
Humor in Craft: Explore the personal nature of humor. Our social backgrounds, personal experiences and values, knowledge of popular culture, and education all factor into our opinions about what’s funny and what isn’t, and using craft art to start a dialogue about humanity and humor is what Humor in Craft is all about.

Verne Barry Place Courtyard - 8 Weston
C = a + b ( Y - T ): KCAD's Relief Printmaking class utilizes this alley space for site specific large scale woodcuts and (pr)installation work. Featured Artists: Devon Daugherty, Allan Durham, Gunnar Forstrom, Alexandra Johnson, Kayla Karaszewski, Erica Lang, Maddie May, Jon McAfee, Jenna Para, Julie Perry, Alyssa Pratt, Katie Rellinger, Whitney Ruhlman, Erin Schaenzer, Tut Thol, Laura Thompson, David Thompson

DeVosConvention Center - 303 Monroe, Skywalk
huh...: Featuring a series of drawings pertaining to a personal ine of inquirey this show features the work of A Kendall College of Art and Design Drawing 2 class. Featured Artists: Abby Archambault; James Broe; Caroline Chuddy; Chelsea Harris; Rohullah Hassani; Zoya Heintz; Natalie Hermiller; Madelen Jensen; Liv Lyszyk; Jeen Na; Alyssa Natoci; Loni Platte; Paige Precour; Maggie Rosseter; Mackenzie Santamour; Anna Wagner; Kim Winterhalter; Madeline Kroll

(106) Gallery, Parking Lot - 106 S. Division
Dead Weight: Two 20 foot U-Haul trucks become one night gallery spaces featuring the work of the KCAD Drawing/mixed media collective, D. Composition. 20 pieces of physical work as well as video projections on the exterior of the trucks. Featured Artists: Eana Agopian, Graham Allingham, Anthony Cairo, Casey Huizenga

Tower Pinkster - 4 E. Fulton
Systems of Seeing: KCAD drawing student work exploring mark making. Curators: Taylor Greenfield

Kelsey Apartments 235 S. Division #100 Garden Level
Stranger or Passenger: An amalgam of individual thoughts in collective action, Stranger or Passenger is a veritable communion of mixed media installation works. Questions of authorship, experience, signification, ideology, and identity arise in a continuum of enigmatic lucidity. An invitation. Featured Artists: Matthew Finch, Jeremy Knickerbocker, Jaclyn Clark, Alexandre Falardeau, Casey Huizenga, Kay Waterson, Stephanie Chisholm, Ariana Ortega, Anjalika Lobo, Kyle Huneau, Morgan Hughes, David Peters, the Omecs, Krzyzstof Lower

UICA - 2 W. Fulton

  • …MERCURIAL SILENCE…: Artist and metalsmith Caroline Gore investigates how grief and loss manifest in society. Research into historical jewelry, Roman myth, materials, and objects inform this exploration with their relationship to the commonalities across human experience. Featured Artists: Caroline Gore
  • MEGA Graduate Exhibition: The Michigan Emerging Graduate Artist Exhibition showcases regional artists who have recently completed graduate programs throughout the state. Twenty-one artists will display work in mediums that include drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture and mixed media. Featured Artists: Kate Garman, Wade Folger MacDonald, Lynda Lee, Sara Fahling, Stephanie Facer, Michael Neville, Jennie Wentzel, AJ Cooke, Ethan Ross, Steven Rainey, Chase Covell, Ariel Ruvinsky, Salvador Jiminez, Joshua Adam Risner, Kari Friestad, Catherine Jacobs, Hallie LeBlanc, Matt Gubacsik, Miranda Graham

Two Beards Deli - 38 Commerce
Confabulation: A look at false memories and waking dream-state through a variety of mediums, this group of artists will express how dreams and fabricated memories can shape the way we see others, our lives, and ourselves. Featured Artists: Ryan Brady; Brittany Holmes; Allison Madsen; Sky Moy; Samantha Smart; Kelsey Wahowiak; Richelle Witbrodt; Harry Williams

Sanctuary Folk Art - 140 S. Division
HOMES: Where we live helps to define us but we hold the power to change our homes and thus, change our lives. One's home is an extension and reflection of ourselves and how we treat our home reflects upon us. Featured Artists: Alexandra Johnson, Marie M Couretas, Nick Nortier

87 Orange Photography - 105 S. Division
lux ex tenebris: A two person exhibition investigating ideas of contrast; form vs. content, sculpture vs. print, and darkness vs. light. Assistant Curator: Callie Cherry Featured Artists: Steven Rainey and Paul Warfield

Spiral - 44 S. Division
Paint Snob: The KCAD Painting Alumni Scholarship Committee presents this juried exhibition and fundraiser to create opportunity for prospective and current undergraduate Painting Majors in an effort to pursue and develop talent, build creative capital within our community, and to help students generate compelling work. Featuring: Megan Klco, Miranda Graham, Justin Kellner, Sarah Weber, and Elizabeth Hawkins

CottageBar - 18 Lagrave
SiTE:Lab: SiTE:Lab takes over the street with a multidiciplinary installation.

Craft House - 40 South Division
Co=efficient: A showcase of artist groups and collectives whose work benefits from the collaborative environment. The exhibition highlights the importance of collaboration and community rather than individual accomplishments. Each collective produces work through different means, using different techniques, and processes making each group environment unique.

The Harris Building - 111 South Division Second Floor
ART DOWNTON A juried exhibition of works inspired by the popular historical drama, Downton Abbey. Artists works are inspired by Downton's individual characters, plot lines, settings, or the styles of the time period in which the show is set. Curators: 111 S. Division - Second Floor

Black Eagle Trading Post - 2 Jefferson
Spring Flowers & Beer Showers: Shed those tattered winter layers and kick off this long awaited spring with some new gear and cold beer.

Thanks to all of the KCAD faculty, staff, and alumni who had a hand in planning and organizing Art.Downtown.

  • Current KCAD staff participating in planning meetings: Mariel Versluis, Danielle Wyckoff, Amanda Carmer, Sarah Knill, Steven VInsen, Taylor Greenfield, Katie Moore
  • Erwin Erkfitz - Art Downtown graphic design and tour Lead for Art Downtown GRAM tours, Will Olson - GRAM Documenter, AJ Pashka - UICA curator, Annie DeYoung - Avenue Advisory Committee and Tour Lead for Art Downtown ArtPrize tours
  • There has been a larger empahsis on creative placemaking for the walking routes and KCAD classes and groups are playing a significant role in placemaking. Collecitve Pressure is printing venue signage, and Paul Amenta’s sculpture class is creating wayfinding signage
Individuals with disabilities who require special accommodations to participate should contact the KCAD President's Office at 616.451.2787 x1150 at least 72 hours in advance.